ACCUPLACER Assessment-Taking Instructions

What to Bring to an ACCUPLACER Test

  1. If taking the test at a location other than Wilmington University, bring a printout of your Remote Voucher Notification, which contains your voucher number, to give to the test administrator. Do not attend a testing appointment without the confirmation; it informs the administrator that you were given approval to test at their facility.
  2. Bring a photo ID for check-in purposes. You will not be permitted to test if you do not present this identification. Acceptable forms of photo ID include:
    • current driver’s license or other state-approved ID;
    • college ID;
    • current state or federal ID card;
    • current passport;
    • naturalization card or certificate of citizenship.
  3. Bring several pencils and/or pens.
  4. DO NOT bring a calculator if you are taking the mathematics placement test. The calculator appears within the test when calculator use is appropriate.
  5. DO NOT bring your own scrap paper; it will be provided for you and collected from you at the end of the test. If you are not given scrap paper when seated, ask for it.

Preparing for an ACCUPLACER Test

If desired, The College Board provides several resources to help you prepare for the placement tests on their web site at Prepare for ACCUPLACER®.

Taking an ACCUPLACER Test

  • Turn off ALL electronic devices and place them out of view at all times.
  • Answer ALL questions on the tests to the best of your ability. If you do not know the answer to a question, try to eliminate one or more of the choices.
  • The questions appear one at a time on the computer screen.
    • Each test is un-timed, so that you can give each question as much thought as you wish.
    • However, once you have selected and confirmed your answer, you cannot return to that question.
    • Since most questions are multiple choice, all you have to do is use the ENTER key or mouse to select an answer.
    • When you have completed the question and confirmed your answer, a new screen will appear with your next question.
  • Adaptive testing: each multiple-choice test is adaptive, the computer will automatically determine which questions are presented to you based on your responses to prior questions. This technique selects just the right questions to ask without being too easy or too difficult. Because the test works this way, you must answer every question when it is first given.

Completing the ACCUPLACER Test

  • Your test scores and placement results appear on the computer screen at the end of your testing session.
  • Before logging out of the test, ask the test administrator to print the score report and give you a copy for your reference/records. No one at the local campus or testing center will have access to your results once you are logged out of the test.
  • Your results are sent electronically to Wilmington University. You do not need to send us a copy of score results.
  • If you did not receive a copy of your score report, please contact the Student Success Center at (302) 356-6995.
  • See Your Test Results and Next Steps to proceed with course registration.

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