ACCUPLACER® Proctor Guidelines

To ensure the integrity of students’ test scores and the security of ACCUPLACER® tests, students must not be allowed to take the test without the presence and supervision of an approved proctor. Proctors must be authorized by the institution to proctor exams and must meet the eligibility criteria listed below.

Proctor Eligibility Criteria

  • Proctors must be responsible adults familiar with accepted practices for administering standardized tests.
  • Proctors may not be a WilmU undergraduate student.
  • Proctors may not be a friend of the student.
  • Proctors must have no stake in the students’ scores.
  • Proctors must not be related to the student.
  • Proctors may not be employed part- or full-time at a test preparation company.
  • Proctors may not participate in any coaching activities that address the content of ACCUPLACER® tests.
  • Proctors may not administer any ACCUPLACER® test being administered to a member of their household or immediate family.
  • Proctors must be authorized by the institution to proctor exams.

Proctor Duties

  • Proctors must be familiar with the administration and test security procedures.
  • During test administration, proctors may assist students with equipment during the exam and provide additional scratch paper and pencils if necessary.
  • Proctors must walk around the room to ensure students are working on the correct test and to guard against attempts at cheating. Proctors must never read, eat, drink, engage in conversation, or perform any activity not related to the test administration.
  • Proctors who are familiar with students’ specific accommodation needs may administer exams to students with disabilities.