Technology Project Management Certificate

The graduate certificate in Technology Project Management is designed to meet the need for talented technology project managers.  The MS-IST in Technology Project Management provides tactical and strategic approaches to managing technology projects.  The tactical side provides the students with an understanding of various methodologies, tools, and techniques, while the strategic side enables the student to know when and why to apply them.

The certificate requires 15 graduate credit hours (as identified below).  Prerequisites for registration are Post-Baccalaureate status.  Students must complete IST 7060 and four of the seven IPM courses. Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in order to earn the certificate.

Technology Project Management Certificate Core Courses

IST 7060 Project and Change Management

Choose four (4) of the following:

IPM 6000 IT/IS Project Scope Development and Management

IPM 6010 IT/IS Project Scheduling

IPM 6020 IT/IS Project Budgeting

IPM 6030 IT/IS Project Risk Management

IPM 6040 IT/IS Project Quality Management

IPM 6050 Agile Project Management

IPM 6090 Special Topics in IT/IS Project Management

Note: you must successfully complete IST 7060 and successfully complete four of the IPM courses to receive certification.