Transferring to
Wilmington University

You shouldn't have to pay for your education twice. Many of our transfer students start with enough credits to be over halfway through with their bachelor's degree programs.

Transfer Up to 90 Credits

Whether you've taken a few classes or you already hold an associate degree, WilmU makes it easy for you to continue to pursue your degree.

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Earn Credit for Prior Learning

Earn college credit for knowledge that was obtained after completing high school (undergraduate) or post-baccalaureate (graduate).

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Partner Schools

Wilmington University has long-standing relationships with partner schools throughout the region. These partnerships enable graduates to seamlessly transfer their credits.

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Completion Degrees

A Completion Degree is a personalized version of a Bachelor's degree created for students who have completed an Associate degree at an accredited institution.

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Fast track your Associates to a Bachelor's Degree

Today, employers use college credentials as a screening tool. Specifically, many companies expect prospective candidates to hold a bachelor's degree. A bachelor's degree not only produces increased job opportunities, it provides additional benefits such as:

  • Increased salary potential-education pays
  • Life skills-learn about the world you live in
  • Networking opportunities-meet new people, share new experiences
  • Improved quality of life-access to health care, increased mobility, greater economic stability

Dual Admission

The Wilmington University dual-admission program, offered through many partner schools, students are admitted to Wilmington University during the first year at your two-year school. As you progress through the program, students know exactly which courses to take to complete their Associate and Bachelor's degrees.