Wilmington University Mission, Vision & Values


Wilmington University is committed to excellence in teaching, relevancy of its programs and offerings, and individual attention to students. As an institution with inclusive admission policies, it offers affordable and accessible higher education to students of varying ages, interests, and aspirations through both face-to-face and various online formats.

The University provides a range of exemplary career-oriented undergraduate and graduate degree programs and certificates, or customized offerings based upon market needs, for a growing and diverse student population. A highly qualified, full-time faculty works closely with part-time faculty drawn from the workplace to ensure that the university’s programs prepare students to begin or continue their career, improve their competitiveness in the job market, and engage in lifelong learning.


Wilmington University will distinguish itself as an open-access university by building innovative academic courses and programs responsive to student, community, and market needs. Created to enable professional competence, these academic offerings will be available in face-to-face and/or varied online formats so that distance, time and cost will not be barriers to learning or student-centered service. We will foster an inclusive environment where diversity is valued and understanding and respect for others is the norm.


We are committed to being a University where UNDERSTANDING and RESPECT for each other is paramount, INTEGRITY guides all of our choices, providing educational OPPORTUNITY is our primary purpose, and RESPONSIVENESS to diverse community needs is key.

In designing academic offerings and student services, we support INNOVATION and actively seek faculty with EXPERIENCE in their fields who can provide students with an EDUCATION focused on application.

We are especially committed to CARING for our students as customers and partners.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Focusing on Our Students
  • Expanding Opportunity
  • Enhancing Academic Excellence
  • Strengthening Our Organization
  • Investing in Our Future