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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Undergraduate Certificate in Crime Scene Investigation

Uncover Evidence through CSI

Wilmington University's Crime Scene Investigation certificate program is designed to provide specialized educational opportunities for professionals currently working in the criminal justice field. Learn how to process a crime scene, find evidence, and consult with medical examiners and police officers. This certificate will provide you with a solid foundation to qualify for numerous career opportunities available in this field.

Experience actual job-related CSI career duties

Hands-on core courses provide you with the opportunity to experience specialized crime scene investigation training. You’ll also learn how to process a crime scene, whether it’s physical or digital, and the best practices needed to work with criminal justice professionals to help everyone involved gain the best understanding of what occurred at the crime scene and collect the evidence they need.

Learn how to process and investigate a crime scene

Excellent judgment, an attention to detail and composure under pressure are among the core competencies of effective crime scene investigators. This certificate addresses ongoing education requirements for crime scene investigators, who must respond to rapidly advancing technology and evolving changes within the criminal justice system. By the end of your certificate, you’ll be equipped to collect and process evidence during a crime scene investigation, protect the scene, and work with the capabilities and limits of forensic labs.

Tailor the Crime Scene Investigation certificate to your interests

Our certificate in Crime Scene Investigation was developed to complement programs in Criminal Justice, Psychology, and Behavioral Sciences. Studying crime scene investigation is both a serious and challenging endeavor and our certificate allows you to specialize your program even further by choosing electives that match your career goals.

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Why a WilmU Certificate?

Wilmington University certificate programs teach you the subject-specific knowledge you need to advance in your career or to simply explore a new field. Build skills that can give you greater opportunities in your evolving field today. Many WilmU certificate programs can be completed online or at several of our face-to-face locations!

Professionals Who Would Benefit From This Program

  • Police Officers
  • Medical Examiners
  • Forensic Scientists
  • Social Workers


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