Preferred Browser for Blackboard

Blackboard works best in the latest stable release of Mozilla Firefox.

Install the latest version of Mozilla Firefox

If you are using Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, or Opera, you should install the latest stable release of Mozilla Firefox. To install Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, click a link below and select the correct operating system for your machine.


Blackboard will work in other browsers but a few features may not function properly. We want you to have the best experience possible. For a list of known issues and recommendations please visit the Browser Support Page.

I am using Firefox, but how do I find out which version I am currently using? 

You can determine which version you are using by following the directions on this link.

I like using Internet Explorer, what will happen if I continue to use this browser?

You can continue to use Internet Explorer in your everyday use, but you will want to use Firefox when operating in Blackboard.  Internet Explorer does not fully support Blackboard and you may experience issues that will lead to frustration.