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What’s New

Collaborate Ultra now has the option for a dial-in number without accessing the session through the browser. Watch this short video to learn how to access this dial-in number:


  • If you need Technical Support, please call the Tech Support number at 1-877-708-2905.
  • The preferred web browsers for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (versions 49+).
  • Note that hosting an “App Share” requires a Chrome or Firefox extension provided by Blackboard. Users will be prompted to enable the extension the first time they use App Share or File Upload. The “App Share” feature is only available in not available in Safari, Firefox (48 or earlier) or Internet Explorer browsers.
  • Collaborate Ultra supports Windows and Mac PCs, Google Chromebook and Microsoft Surface Pro devices provided with one of the supported browsers (listed below). Microsoft Surface devices running Windows RT are not supported.
Chrome Firefox Internet Explorer Microsoft Edge Safari
Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Certified Certified IE11: Certified Unsupported Unsupported
Windows 10 Certified Certified IE11: Certified Compatible Unsupported
Mac 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12 10.9, 10.10: Certified
10.11, 10.12: Provisional
10.9, 10.10: Certified
10.11, 10.12: Provisional
Unsupported Unsupported 10.9, 10.10: Certified
10.11, 10.12: Provisional
  • Wilmington University Students can also contact the Collaborate: Tier 1 End User team.
    The Collaborate: Tier 1 End User support team is specifically setup to handle issues such as this and can personally work with the end user for quicker resolution. For this and similar issues please have the end user:
    1. Go to
    2. Use the Support area to submit a case
  • Alternatively the End user can also call any of the numbers below to personally speak with a support representative: International Toll Free Numbers:
    Australia: 1.800.26.7338
    Ireland: 1.800.64.4528
    North America: 1.877.382.2293
    United Kingdom: 0.800.051.7248

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Quick Start Guides

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Tutorial Videos

Collaborate Ultra Overview:

Accessing Collaborate Ultra from the Course Menu:

Accessing Collaborate Ultra as a Student:

Creating a New Session in Collaborate Ultra:

Obtaining a guestlink in Collaborate Ultra:

Sharing an Application in Collaborate Ultra:

Share a Whiteboard in Collaborate Ultra:

Sharing Content in Collaborate Ultra:

The Collaborate Panel in Collaborate Ultra:

Session Settings in Collaborate Ultra:

Using your phone for audio in Collaborate Ultra:

Starting a Recording in Collaborate Ultra:

Uploading a Profile Picture in Collaborate Ultra:

Using Collaborate Ultra on a Mobile Device:

Setting up your audio and video:

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Training for Faculty

To sign up for Collaborate Ultra workshops or webinars, please visit the WilmU Learning Center Help Page. From this website, you can sign into the Learning Center and find out more information. If there is not a workshop that fits your needs, please fill out the One-on-One Training Request Form.

Template Message for Faculty

Below is a template message for faculty members. It's recommended that you copy and paste the text below into an announcement in your courses using Collaborate Ultra. Remember to paste into Blackboard you must use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + V". The message will inform students how to use the software and get support if they need help using or configuring the software on their computer.

The online meeting will be held on <date> at <time> <time zone>. We will be using Blackboard Collaborate, a web conferencing tool that is similar to Skype. Here is the link you will need to join the Blackboard Collaborate session: <guest link to Collaborate room>

This webpage has tutorials that will show you how to join a Blackboard Collaborate session. If you need Technical Support, please call the Tech Support number at 1-877-708-2905. Be sure to join the meeting 5 – 10 minute prior to it starting, to ensure you can properly login.

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