Blackboard Organizations

Join a Blackboard Organization!

You will have to enroll into an Organization before you can access its content. To do this, just login to Blackboard, click on the Organizations Tab, and the follow the to " Directions to Self Enroll in a Public Organization ".

There are currently 10 Blackboard Organizations which are available for all students to join.

  • Web Information Systems Learning Community
  • Criminal Justice Association (CJA)
    CJA is the officially sanctioned organization of criminal justice majors at Wilmington University. Membership in the association is open to all criminal justice majors at all of the Wilmington University sites and campuses. Students from others majors are welcome to join the group but they are not eligible to hold office or vote on policy.

  • CyberWildcats
  • Delaware Digital Forensics and Incident Response Group
  • Digital Film Making Club
    Interact and make connections with other students that share an interest in Digital Film-Making.
  • Friendship Alliance
    The main purpose and mission is to bring awareness and give students the opportunity to form friendships and bonds with young adults that have intellectual disabilities.

  • The Green Team
    Collaborate with people that share an interest in the environment and raising awareness on campus, at home, and in the community.

  • The Multicultural Club
    Foster and enrich your awareness of diverse cultures. Participants will have a chance to interact with international students, faculty, and staff in a relaxed atmosphere and make new friends.
  • Online Student Association
    This Blackboard Organization has been created to serve as a virtual community for WU students that are taking online classes. Participants will have a chance to network with other students, faculty, and staff in a relaxed atmosphere outside of the classroom.
  • Organizational Dynamics (OD) Network
    The OD Network is a community of students and professionals who are interested in providing opportunities for personal and professional learning, development, and support. This organization is committed to developing the field and practices of OD through sharing best practices, innovations, trends, research, approaches, and techniques.
  • Psychology Club
    The Psychology Club is a place for students and alumni who are interested in psychology to experience the field in a non-classroom setting. The Club will provide opportunities to network, volunteer, and learn more about graduate school and careers in psychology. Becoming a member is a great way to connect with other students and faculty. It's also a great addition to your resume! 
  • Student Government Association - SGA
    Get involved in student events on campus as well as make a positive impact on the community.
  • Wilmington University Student United Way
    The Wilmington University Student United Way is a student-run branch of the United Way of Delaware. We are a group of student volunteers devoted to lending our time and talent for the benefit of our surrounding community. Additionally, we work closely with United Way of Delaware to provide them continuing support. Through our efforts, we hope to encourage other students to become both active members of our club and volunteers within their own community. Ultimately, our goal is to inspire our members to continue giving and volunteering beyond their careers at Wilmington University.

What are Blackboard Organizations?

Organizations provide an easy way for WU groups, colleges, committees, cohorts and clubs to have virtual meeting space in Blackboard. Organizations allow participants to share information and contain a variety of features:

  • Communication - calendar, mailing lists, blogs, wikis, discussion boards, real-time chat, virtual collaboration and white board
  • Document sharing - papers, agendas, minutes, reports, etc.
  • File Sharing – store and share images, and other files
  • Planning and administration - announcements, calendar
  • Links to other websites - web pages, databases

This video describes the Organizations tab in Blackboard. Organizations --
the place to collaborate and communicate with others on campus.

Who Should I Contact for Support?

Please email for any training or support needs.

Who May Participate in a Blackboard Organization?

Organizations can be used by anyone on campus with Blackboard login credentials (all students, alumni, faculty or staff). No guest access is permitted; this means that no one outside the Wilmington University community will be able to access an Organization.

The Blackboard Organization leader is responsible for the site. Membership in an organization can occur in one of three ways as determined by the organization's leader(s):

  1. Batch Enrollment - Some organizations will include automatic batch enrollments. For example, all nursing students at Wilmington University will be included in the student nursing organization by automatic administrative enrollment.
  2. Manual Enrollment by Leader -Organization’s participants will be enrolled by the leader of the group.
  3. Self-Enrollment - Some organizations will have a self-enroll option for participants.

Navigating to an Organization

Clicking on the Organizations tab, you will see the homepage.  

  • There is an Organization Search module where you may type in a name and search for organizations.  
  • The Organization Catalog organizes courses in any of the four folders: Faculty, Staff, Students or University, depending on the group it addresses.  You will only see the folder based on your role. For example, everyone will see the University folder, but students will not have access to the faculty or staff folders.
  • On the homepage, you will see the “My Organizations” module with the list of organizations in which you are enrolled.

Need your own Blackboard Organization?

Faculty and staff may request to set up a new Organization for their group by completing the Organization Request form.