Blackboard Overview for Students

What is Blackboard?

Blackboard is Wilmington University's learning management system that allows students and faculty members to access course materials, conduct course activities, communicate, and collaborate online. Students in courses that use Blackboard can access those courses anywhere, anytime.

When will I use Blackboard?

All courses will have a syllabus available on Blackboard no less than 2 weeks prior to the course start date. You will need to access Blackboard to obtain your course syllabus.

Your instructor will let you know whether or not he is using Blackboard for your course. All Fusion, Hybrid, Online, and Flexible courses require the use of Blackboard to reduce or eliminate on-campus class meetings.

What will I do on Blackboard?

Each instructor can tailor how they use Blackboard to make course materials available or conduct course activities online. Some things you may be able to do on Blackboard include:

  • Download course documents and presentations;
  • Access web sites related to your course;
  • Submit assignments to your instructor online;
  • Take quizzes or exams online;
  • Check your grades and progress in the course;
  • Participate in online discussions for your course.

How to I access my courses in Blackboard?

  1. Log into myWilmU.
  2. In the My Blackboard tab, click on a course to open that course in Blackboard
  3. From here you can access that course's information as well as browse the rest of Blackboard
  4. On the My Bb tab, you can find the My Courses section on the right side of the Wilmington University page.