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The Assignments tool in Blackboard integrates the use of plagiarism tools using SafeAssign. Not all assignments are SafeAssignments, but SafeAssignments and regular assignments share the same icon. This video shows how students can submit to a draft, final, and regular assignment.

Note: If your instructor does not use SafeAssign, you can use the Student Success Center Tutoring course within Blackboard to submit your paper online and view an originality report.

Resources for Faculty

Setting up an Assignment that Integrates with SafeAssign

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Viewing and Interpreting the SafeAssign Originality Report

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What is SafeAssign?

SafeAssign allows students to submit papers that are checked against comprehensive databases of source material. An originality report will then be generated in a time period ranging from a few minutes to 72 hours.

Student Benefits:

  • Serves to prevent plagiarism.
  • Educates students about intellectual property and proper citations.
  • Provides originality reports within Blackboard.

SafeAssign Promotes Academic Integrity


Using sources in one's writing requires proper citation.  Plagiarism is the inclusion of someone else’s words, ideas, or data as one’s own.  Proper citation is important and should be of concern to students when submitting assignments.

Additional information about plagiarism and citation conventions may be found in the Wilmington University Code of Conduct.

Plagiarism Is Not Always Intentional

Some students may or may not intentionally plagiarize. Sometimes students are in such a hurry, they forget to quote other's work. By offering students the opportunity to submit their paper using SafeAssign's Draft Mode, students can see if their work passes criteria before it is submitted to their instructor for final grading.

SafeAssign Training for Instructors

Prior to using SafeAssign, instructors may complete a training course. Instructors may complete an online self-directed training course which is available when they login to Blackboard - it will be in the My Courses box listed as "SafeAssign Training for Faculty".

After instructors complete the SafeAssign Training, they can set up SafeAssignments in their Blackboard course.

Template message for faculty - informing students that an assignment will be checked by SafeAssign:
If you enable SafeAssign on a writing assignment, please copy and paste the paragraph below into the assignment description. This gives students the instructions to go to the SSC course to test their papers. Keep in mind that you must use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + V” to paste into Blackboard.

Before you submit the assignment to your instructor, you may want to use the Student Success Center Tutoring course within Blackboard to submit your assignment and view an originality report. For more information on what a SafeAssign originality report looks like and how is it interpreted, view a sample report.


For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.