SafeAssign Draft Submit

If your instructor does not use SafeAssign, you can use the the Student Success Center Tutoring course within Blackboard to submit your paper online and view an originality report. Please follow the steps below to enroll in this course.

To Enroll in the Student Success Center Tutoring course

  1. Click on My Blackboard.
  2. Click on Courses tab.
  3. Click on SafeAssign under Course Catalog.
  4. Locate the course DEPT.SSC.SAFEASSIGN in the list.
  5. Click enroll (see screenshot below).

  6. Click Submit.
  7. Upon confirmation, click OK.
  8. The SCC Blackboard Tutoring course will be made available to you immediately under your course list.
  9. Click the course menu item SafeAssign (see screenshot below).

    SafeAssign Menu Item
  10. Students may submit their Draft paper in the folder named SafeAssign Draft Submit Here (see screenshot below).

    Draft Submit Feature