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Wilmington University at Camden County College

Wilmington University's partnership with Camden County College brings affordable, accessible bachelor's and master's degree programs to Camden County residents. Courses for select Wilmington University programs are offered on-site at the Blackwood and Camden City locations — and 100% online.

WilmU Works With Camden County College

Camden County College and Wilmington University work together to bring innovative degree programs to New Jersey residents.

Express Transfer for Camden County College Graduates

WilmU's partnership with Camden County College streamlines the transfer process, maximizes success, and minimizes both cost and time to degree completion.

Wilmington University STEP Path™

WilmU’s STEP Path™ is the Smart Transfer Enrollment Program to degree completion, no matter where you start. This direct, 100% online pathway and scholarship saves CCC students time and tuition dollars to complete a bachelor’s degree!

WilmU Programs at Camden County College

WilmU's academic programs available on-site at Camden County College:

Camden City Campus

Blackwood Campus

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