Canvas Menus for Students

Canvas Dashboard

The Dashboard is the first thing you will see when you log in to Canvas. The Dashboard will display information from ALL of your courses. Review the numbered items below.


  1. Global Navigation – In the global navigation there are links for Account, Dashboard, Courses, Inbox, Help and Calendar. The inbox contains private messages sent to you from the instructor and other students in your enrolled courses. The global navigation remains static and is available at all times in Canvas.  
  2. Help – Click the Help link to access Canvas Guides, the WilmU Help Desk, myWilmU, Multimedia Resources, Help with Zoom Web Conferencing, and Ask Your Instructor a Question.
  3. Enrolled Courses – Courses you are enrolled in will display in the main part of your Dashboard. Each course card can include up to four tabs at the bottom, which represent the four main Canvas features for student course activity: Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, and Files. These tabs mimic the visibility and order in each course's Course Navigation menu, so for instance, if an instructor hides the Announcements link, the Announcements tab will not display on the course card.
  4. To Do List - The To Do List will display assignments that are coming due. Items in the To Do list can be dismissed by clicking the gray X next to each item.
  5. Instructor Feedback - Any assignment with recent feedback will display on in the right sidebar. Click to view feedback on the submission details page.
  6. View Grades - View overall course grades in the Dashboard. This button is available to students and displays grades for courses being taken. 

Canvas Global Navigation

The Global Navigation Menu is located on the left side of every page in Canvas. Global Navigation links provide quick access to the frequently used Canvas features:

  1. Account Icon - When you click on the Account Icon a menu will expand and display links to access your user settings, profile, notification settings, personal files, and Portfolium. You can also use the Account Icon to log out of Canvas.
  2. Dashboard Icon - The Dashboard is the landing page after you log in to Canvas. The Dashboard can be toggled to a course view, list view, or recent activity view and shows notifications for all current Canvas courses.
  3. Courses Icon - To view your courses, click the Courses Icon. The Courses menu displays your list of favorite courses, or, if you haven't selected any favorite courses, the menu displays current courses where you are enrolled. If a course includes term dates, the name of the term will appear as part of the course listing.
  4. Groups Icon - You can view your groups using the Groups Icon. A menu will expand and display all groups in current courses where you are enrolled.  The Groups Icon will only appear on your Global Navigation Menu if you are enrolled in a Group.
  5. Calendar Icon - To view your canvas Calendar, click on the Calendar Icon. The Calendar is a great way to view everything you have to do for all your courses in one place. You can view calendar events by day, week, month, or agenda list.
  6. Inbox Icon - You can view your Conversations Inbox clicking by the Inbox Icon. This brings you to the Canvas messaging system where you can communicate with other users in your courses. The number of new messages are shown as part of the Inbox icon.
  7. Help Icon - To get help with Canvas, click the Help Icon. Select the help option that is relevant to your needs. 
  8. Library Icon - To get to the WilmU Library website, click the Library Icon.
  9. Arrow Icon - To expand or collapse the Global Navigation menu, click the arrow icon. Note: The Global Navigation Menu will be automatically collapsed on tablet screens.

Global navigation menu


Canvas Course Menu

The course menu is edited by your instructor for each course, so every course might look a little different.  Some options might include.

  1. Announcements allows teachers to post announcements which are visible to anyone enrolled in the course.
  2. Assignments is list of all Canvas Assignments created for the course.
  3. Discussions is a list of all Canvas Discussions created for the course.
  4. Grades leads to the Student Gradebook.
  5. People allows you to see the users to the course.
  6. Syllabus includes a link to your syllabus for the course.
  7. Quizzes lists all the Canvas quizzes created for the course.
  8. Modules is a way for instructors to organize and display course content to students. Many courses are organized by Weekly Modules or by Unit Modules.
  9. Zoom is an online meetings platform where teachers can set meeting times for online classes.
  10. Collaborations allows students to work together on projects and group documents.

course menu