Instructors Viewing Option - Ungraded as Zero

The Gradebook View menu includes the “View Ungraded as 0 option”, which is a visual change only and does not affect any grades. 

This new feature provides instructors with a visual change in identifying grading calculations for ungraded assignments. The View menu includes the “View Ungraded as 0” option, which allows instructors to view student grades as if all ungraded assignments were worth zero points.


When the View Ungraded as 0 setting is enabled, Ungraded as 0 displays as a heading in all assignment group columns and the total column to indicate this feature is turned on in the Gradebook.


It's important for faculty to understand how the Canvas gradebook treats ungraded assignments. By default, ungraded assignments are NOT included in any assignment total calculations. This means that when assignments are left as "ungraded" (shown with a '-' dash), they are treated as if they never happened. Best practice is to make sure an instructor gives every student a grade, even the ones who don’t submit anything

If a student doesn’t submit an assessment and the instructor doesn’t enter a zero against their name, their final grade will be calculated as if they’d achieved 100% on an assignment or assessment.


Helpful Tip

Enabling this option has no effect outside of the Gradebook; students cannot see any difference in their grade pages. It should be emphasized that while choosing this option does show the instructor how things would look if all ungraded assignments were zeros, it does not "stick" when you leave the gradebook, or affect what is seen by students. It's therefore important to actually enter a zero grade when a student doesn't complete an assignment, rather than to leave it ungraded.