Uploading the Syllabus

Each class includes a generic syllabus that contains the core information about the class content. However, instructors must update the syllabus every block or semester with their contact information, late policy, and attendance policy.
In addition, this syllabus must be correctly uploaded to the course in order to satisfy the University's Course Readiness requirements.


  1. Go to the Files section of your course.
  2. Locate the syllabus template and click on it. You can download from this document preview section.
  3. Open the file in Microsoft Word, enable editing. Edit your syllabus as needed and save to your local computer.
  4. Go to the Files section of your course. Click on the Upload button to upload your edited syllabus.
  5. Click on the Syllabus link in your course menu.
  6. Click on the edit button.
  7. Highlight the word Syllabus and click on the document icon. You can browse your computer for your syllabus or you can locate the file in your files section. Click submit.
  8. Save your syllabus page.