Employer's Corner

Wilmington University welcomes employers to recruit from our diverse student and alumni populations. With a range of career- focused undergraduate and graduate programs, our students are equipped with highly developed skills to contribute to the overall success of the global economy.

Job Posting Policy and Guidelines

Wilmington University Career Services (WUCS) has established the following criteria for job postings:

  • All employers must register their companies using our electronic job posting system powered by Handshake at: http://app.joinhandshake.com/.
  • All companies must be verifiable.

Wilmington University Career Services will not post or approve:

  • Positions that consist of payment for participation as a research subject.
  • Positions that require an initial investment by the student or are paid through commission only (positions with a salary that is supplemented by commission are acceptable).
  • Companies with only a post office box for their address.
  • Positions performed in private homes.

Post A Job

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Career Fairs

Register to recruit at one of our semi-annual career fairs.

On-Campus Recruiting

Request to come on campus to recruit highly skilled students and alumni.