Credit for Prior Learning

Wilmington University offers credit recognition and opportunities for experiential learning. This allows students to earn college credit for knowledge that was obtained after completing high school (undergraduate) or post-baccalaureate (graduate).

Why relearn what you already know? At WilmU, you have options.

Many Wilmington University students have prior experience that deserves a review for potential academic credit. In coordination with University faculty we will review your resume, prior academic transcripts, and industry credentials such as trainings and/or certifications and professional licenses to determine opportunities to earn additional academic credits toward your degree program. After the initial review we will discuss additional options for earning academic credit in traditional and non-traditional formats such as online and face-to-face courses to accelerate the pathway to your degree.

Hear what our students have to say

co-op student

"I decided to explore COEL as a means to obtain credit for knowledge and experience I have acquired over the last 20+ years. COEL offered me the opportunity to take assessment exams, and complete portfolios demonstrating prior learning, or real life learning achievements. This will enable me to earn my degree approximately 1 full year sooner."

- Craig

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Credit through Alternative Providers

Alternative methods, such as exams, are a convenient, affordable option for students to earn academic credit for some courses in their degree program.

  Alternative Providers

Certifications, Trainings, and Licenses

Industry-recognized certifications, work-based trainings, and professional licenses might provide you additional opportunities for earning academic credit.

  Certifications, Trainings, and Licenses

Transfer Up to 90 Credits

Whether you've taken a few classes or you already hold an associate degree, WilmU makes it easy for you to continue to pursue your degree.

  Credit Transfer Tool

Portfolio Assessment

Portfolio Assessment is a collection of materials compiled to demonstrate previous college-level learning relevant to a student's degree plan.

  Undergraduate   Graduate

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