Credits through Alternative Providers

In our continuing effort in making higher education affordable and attainable, Wilmington University recognizes credits earned through alternative providers and exams.

Undergraduate General Education Alternative Providers

We have partnered with several providers to deliver alternatives for earning credit from prior learning. These organizations offer courses that meet some general education requirements at Wilmington University, in a flexible, self-paced format. Partner courses are ACE Credit-recommended and have been evaluated by Wilmington University faculty for transfer acceptance. Prior to registering, consult a prior learning specialist at to ensure courses are degree applicable.

*Wilmington University allows up to 75 undergraduate PLA credits to apply toward a bachelor degree program. As part of the 75 credit PLA limit, no more than 45 credits may be applied toward a bachelor degree from an ACE/NCCRS Alternative Credit Provider (e.g. Sophia Learning, Straighterline, or Saylor).

**Please note that due to Delaware requirements for teacher licensure eligibility, credits earned through an alternative credit provider will not apply to any College of Education course or degree program that contributes to eligibility for licensure/certification as a Delaware educator.

Standardized Exams

Standardized exams are a convenient and affordable option for students to earn academic credit for some courses in their degree program. Standardized exams can result in the award of academic credit when a student achieves the minimum passing score for that exam. Many students can earn credit through this pathway for courses in subjects like English, math, business and many more.

Next Steps

Step 1. View video and review information above.

Step 2. If you have already completed any standardized exams or courses through Sophia Pathways, contact your academic advisor to find out if the credits will apply toward your degree.


What standardized exam options are available?

Wilmington University recognizes the following exam providers: Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), College-Level Examinations Program (CLEP), Dantes Subject Standardized Tests (DSST), and UExcel Exams.

How much do standardized exams and credits through alternative providers cost?

Please visit the provider's website for cost information.

How do I earn credit for passing an exam?

Contact an academic advisor to verify that the exam is applicable to your degree. 

Do exams affect my GPA?

No. Whether you pass or fail an exam, the exam will not positively or negatively impact your GPA.

Can I transfer my PLA credit to another college or university?

Students who have received PLA credit at Wilmington University should be aware that PLA credit may not be accepted by other institutions. Students are encouraged to check with the receiving institution prior to transfer.