Graduate Portfolio Assessment

Portfolio Assessment is a collection of materials compiled to demonstrate knowledge obtained after completing a bachelor's degree which may be relevant to a student's degree plan.

Through Portfolio Assessment students may earn college credit for knowledge that was obtained through work experience (military or civilian), in-service/corporate training programs, volunteer activities, workshops, and/or personal study. To earn portfolio credit, students must prepare a portfolio which will be reviewed by a qualified faculty member.

How it works:

  • Review relevant course descriptions online.
  • Contact the appropriate Program Chair for that course to discuss your qualifications.
  • If approved, assemble a portfolio that includes examples of your work, training certificates, licenses, results of evaluations, and any other documents that support your experiences.
  • The portfolio must include evidence relevant to the area in which credit is sought and demonstrate clear achievement and thorough understanding of the subject matter.
  • A trained faculty member will review and assess your portfolio.
  • You receive the outcome of this assessment, which may be an award of academic credit for your prior learning.

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