Becoming a Work-Integrated Learning Employer

Help WilmU students experience the benefits of learning in a professional
business environment.

What Are the Employer’s Responsibilities?

  • Advise the Office of Work-Integrated Learning of your hiring decision.
  • Host the students’ faculty advisor(s) for a site visit.
  • Contact the Office of Work-Integrated Learning or faculty supervisor if any problems develop during the semester.
  • Complete the Employer Evaluation Form that will be provided to you by the student during the last third of the semester. 
  • International students are valuable assets to any employers workplace. Here are a few guidelines to consider. 

When Can Students Work?

  • Student work cycles coincide with our semesters and last approximately 15 weeks:
    • FALL: September to December
    • SPRING: January to April
    • SUMMER: May to August
  • Students will have the opportunity to complete 6-8 hours (internship, 15 weeks) or 10-15 (co-op, 30 weeks) hours of work experience per week. WIL positions are cultivated by both the Office of Work-Integrated Learning and students.

Post a Job

We are not able to accept opportunities with home-based business/organizations.

Need some help writing a job description? Read here for some guidelines.

Use our electronic job board, Handshake to upload the job.

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Alternatively, use our online application form to submit your job posting.

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