Course Descriptions


NUR 423
Global Health Care
3 credits

This course focuses on health care needs of aggregates in local, national, and international communities from the perspective of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention. Students explore a variety of frameworks such as epidemiology, health care systems, and health care planning as conceptual bases for diverse community health nursing roles.
Students will collaborate with a stakeholder from the community to propose and develop an action plan that addresses a community health need identified by the student. Ten (10) direct care hours are dedicated to the completion of the Community Health Assessment. The Community health assessment experience takes place in the community where the student resides. Course faculty complete the final evaluation of the students’ assessment and community action plan.
MANDATORY: All students preparing to begin this course must have a current, unencumbered and active RN license on file in their credentialing profile.
Prerequisite: ENG 310 (Not required for a Pathway Student), NUR 303, NUR 313, NUR 323, NUR 333, NUR 343, NUR 363, and NUR 413.