Course Descriptions


NUR 433
Global Health Care Practicum
3 credits

This course focuses on the integration and practical application of community/global health principles and conceptual bases for community health nursing. Students gain community-based experience in community assessment, group teaching for aggregates, and community nursing practice. The focus of this practicum is a community learning experience (CLE) at a faculty approved community learning setting. The course requires a total of twenty (20) community learning experience hours and a minimum of fifteen (15) additional hours of community learning activities. In preparation for the direct care hours students identify a community health organization, agency or facility along with an appropriate community health care mentor. Course faculty provide guidance for both the Population Health Teaching Project & Community Health Learning Experience. Course faculty are responsible for the final evaluation of the student experience.
MANDATORY: All students preparing to begin this course must have a current, unencumbered, and active RN license on file in their credentialing profile.

Prerequisite(s): NUR 303, NUR 313, NUR 323, NUR 333, NUR 343, NUR 363, NUR 413, and NUR 423.