Course Descriptions

Computer and Network Security

SEC 360
Advanced Mobile and IoT Forensics
3 credits

Advanced mobile and IoT forensics will build upon the student’s basic knowledge gained from prior forensic courses by analyzing data from mobile devices and IoT devices with forensic programs used in prior courses (Magnet AXIOM) and introduce open source forensic suites such as Autopsy. Instruction in this course will introduce students to advanced mobile artifacts that relate to common data used in criminal and civil cases such as GPS and pattern of life databases and files. Students will also use mobile device emulators to test unknown apps and discover their behavior without modifying data from the original evidence source. Finally, students will process data from IoT devices and identify artifacts that could be useful to investigators while using methods to properly verify the data and accurately report their findings. Both Windows and Linux operating systems will be used for this course.

Prerequisite(s): SEC 355 or SEC 350