Course Descriptions

Nonprofit Management

NPM 6400
Leadership and People
3 credits

This course examines leadership issues peculiar to people in organizations. The questions of appropriate responsibility and reasonable obedience are explored. Dimensions of motivating and motivation are discussed. Organizational culture and its implications for leadership are studied in detail. Finally, issues in diversity are surveyed.

NPM 6503
Administrative Law
3 credits

This course focuses on administrative law with respect to enabling legislation that creates agencies at the federal, state, and local governmental levels, including delegated powers. Emphasis is placed on the evolution of agency influence through examination of court decisions with respect to broadened agency powers.

NPM 7300
Seminar in Nonprofit Management
3 credits

Seminar in Nonprofit Management introduces graduate business students to selected concepts and principles necessary for the successful management of a nonprofit organization (NPO). Knowledge of the types of nonprofits, their governance, the importance of partnerships and collaborations, and the ability of NPO managers to prepare and deliver presentations to stakeholders are emphasized.