Faculty Profile

Kathryn Brown

Kathryn Brown

Director of Advanced Programs

College of Education and Liberal Arts

(302) 295-1173

Associate Professor

Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University

M.A., University of South Florida

B.A., University of South Florida


Dr. Brown began her teaching career with special education children in Florida. She was responsible for children in grades K-5. Her responsibilities, beyond teaching the children, included evaluation of children who were struggling, designing individualized instruction that could be implemented in the classroom, and implementing a model classroom for the district.  She used woodworking, cooking, and designing activities that encouraged interaction with the community and each other as well as other learners with similar needs. 

From there, she was a first grade teacher and then the reading specialist at a lab school in Ft. Lauderdale.  She learned from many professionals and worked with many agencies who supported children and families with learning needs.  She taught for Nova University, including in-service teacher training specific to the area of reading, worked with the entire faculty PK-12 to develop a curriculum map, assisted in implementing technology-based instruction for preschool through elementary levels, and created an evening tutorial service utilizing those master teachers from the school with children from the community who needed support.  This program served the school and community for many years.  During her time at the school, Dr. Brown was promoted to the position of one of two Associate Directors of the Lower School. 

From there, Dr. Brown managed the Early Childhood program at Miami Dade College where she was responsible for the training of early childhood caregivers and managed two on campus day care centers. They were both bi-lingual, with one infusing Creole with English and the other, Spanish with English. 

From there, Dr. Brown came to Wilmington College.  She was hired as the Chair for Master of Reading and that soon included training for teachers of ESL children.  Here, she also began a reading clinic as part of the Reading Specialist program.  Later, she was promoted to the management all of the master level programs beyond initial certification, and a few years later, assumed the position she has today, Director of Advanced Programs.  This includes all doctoral programs for teachers, organizational leadership, and higher education leadership as well as the degree programs she had previously managed.  Dr. Brown found that WU is true to its mission of putting students first, which is what she has always believed in, regardless of her level or position.  That does not mean that students always “get what they ask for” but that their concerns are heard and valued, and considered highly when decisions are made.  It is her pleasure to work with the WU family, and with the students that we serve.