Career and Technical Education

Master of Education

This degree program is approved by the Delaware Department of Education.

THIS IS A DELAWARE LICENSURE/CERTIFICATION PROGRAM WITH CONTENT KNOWLEDGE AND PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT REQUIREMENTS. Students taking courses to satisfy certification requirements are personally responsible for verifying with the Delaware Department of Education (or the appropriate licensure/certification authority in another state) that such course work is applicable and acceptable. Students are also responsible for meeting all state-mandated testing requirements and/or teaching experience requirements, and for applying for credentials. Wilmington University has not made determinations for licensure in states outside of Delaware. For state-by-state contact information for inquiring about individual state licensure requirements, please visit NC-SARA's Professional Licensure Directory.

Performance Assessment Requirements

Performance Assessment

This degree program contributes to eligibility for licensure/certification as an educator in Delaware public schools. As such, all candidates must meet the performance assessment requirement set by Delaware’s Professional Standards Board.  

The performance assessment may not be scored by any employees of the Educator Preparation Program. It is scored by Nationally Certified ETS Reviewers not associated with Wilmington University. The assessment used by Wilmington University to satisfy this requirement is the Praxis Performance Assessment for Teachers (PPAT). 

This assessment will be completed during the Capstone Course for those candidates who participate in student teaching.  Candidates who perform the Action/Research option are not required to complete the PPAT for purposes of the degree program.

Candidates must check with their program chair to obtain current and accurate information related to the assessment and minimum scores that are required.

Program Purpose

The purpose of the Master of Education in Career and Technical Education program is to provide opportunities for individuals to pursue professional development, Delaware certification*, and/or a master’s degree. Courses in the program will provide Career and Technical teachers with the necessary skills to be successful in the classroom.

*Note: The Delaware Department of Education certificate is now: Skilled and Technical Sciences Teacher.


Program Competencies

Program competencies for this degree are identical to those currently in effect for the M.Ed. in Elementary Studies (K-6), with the exception of those competencies associated with practicum and student teaching courses. Program competencies and attributes are derived from the College of Education and Liberal Arts Conceptual Framework and the InTASC standards (Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium), and are described in detail at the following links:

Conceptual Framework

InTASC Standards

Qualifications for Degree

All candidates entering the program must register for MED 6102 during the first Block they wish to take courses. Candidates must successfully complete all courses in one of the two options (A or B). Once selected, deviation from the chosen Option must be approved by the Program Coordinator.

Candidates have two Capstone Project (MCT 6420) options.  Candidates who are not currently certified to teach or are not employed in a teaching position MAY complete a student teaching Clinical Component. This will be coordinated through the Office of Clinical Studies.

Candidates may also elect to complete a Capstone Project (MCT 6420) consisting of a project-based assignment.

Candidates for the Master of Education Degree in Career and Technical Education must successfully complete a minimum of 36 graduate-level credits, including the six-credit clinical component (MCT 6420), with a GPA of 3.00 or better. The College of Education and Liberal Arts sets the grade of “C” as the lowest grade that is acceptable in any required teacher preparation course. Courses with a grade of “C-” or lower must be repeated.

The program must be completed within five years. The College of Education and Liberal Arts at Wilmington University reserves the right to modify requirements to comply with any licensure/certification changes mandated by the Delaware State Department of Education.

Course Requirements

Option A - Certification Program

MED 6102 E-Folio

MAS 7601 Education of Diverse Populations and Exceptional Children

MCT 6400 Educational Psychology

MCT 6401 Career and Technical Education Instructional Technology

MCT 6406 Career and Technical Education Assessment and Course Construction

MCT 6407 Career and Technical Student Organizations

MCT 6410 Multicultural Education

MCT 6411 Methods of Teaching Career and Technical Education I

MCT 6412 Career and Technical Education Classroom Management

MCT 6413 Methods of Teaching Career and Technical Education II

MCT 6420 Capstone Project for Career and Technical Education

Plus 1 elective from Option B below (3 credits)

Certain courses in Option A may be required for Delaware C and T (Skilled and Technical Sciences) certification. Each candidate should verify through the Department of Education, which courses are required for certification.  A teacher who has already earned undergraduate credits for any of the required certification courses should select alternative courses from option B to complete the master's degree.

MCT 6420 - Delaware Skilled and Technical Sciences instructors are not required to student teach to be eligible for licensure. Therefore, the Capstone Project consists of a Directed Study Action/Research Project.

Option B - Instructional Program

MED 6102 E-Folio

MAS 7603 Instructional Strategies in Secondary Education

MAS 7701 Classroom Culture and Student Behavior

MAS 7651 Adolescent Growth and Development

MAS 7652 Reading in Content Areas

MCT 6402 Career and Technical Education Advanced Curriculum Design

MCT 6403 History and Regulations of Career and Technical Education

MCT 6404 Career and Technical Education Guidance Practices

MCT 6405 Career and Technical Education: Community and Business Relations

MCT 6420 Capstone Project for Career and Technical Education

Plus 2 electives from Option A courses (6 credits)

MCT 6420 - Delaware Skilled and Technical Sciences instructors are not required to student teach to be eligible for licensure. Therefore, the Capstone Project consists of a Directed Study Action/Research Project.

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2023-2024 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2022 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.