M.Ed. in Reading Student and Child

Become a Literacy Leader through the M.Ed. in Reading

Take your passion for literacy and learn to lead in your school or district as a reading interventionist, reading specialist or literacy coach. This comprehensive master’s in reading degree program—also available 100% online—will prepare you to identify specific reading issues and provide instruction for success, for both children and adults. This program is for licensed teachers who wish to become Reading Specialists.

Nationally Recognized and Accredited Master’s in Reading

The WilmU College of Education is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) under NCATE Standards (National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education). This affordable master’s degree in reading is nationally recognized by the International Reading Association/International Literacy Program (IRA/ILA) and meets the ILA standards at the Reading Specialist level.

In-Depth Reading Courses Led by Active Practitioners

A balanced reading specialist curriculum focused on practical approaches explores the foundations of reading and writing instruction, examines effective assessments, and inspires students to create a literate environment that celebrates diversity. You’ll learn from seasoned educators, who understand today’s education landscape.

Comprehensive Reading Specialist Experiences at All Levels of Licensure (K-12)

Enjoy unique master’s in reading program features—such as the six-credit course Diagnosis, Assessment and Correction, which allows you to see the complete intervention process with the same individual. Field experience in reading specialist classrooms brings learning to life by combining the study of strategies with hands-on application.

The M.Ed. in Reading program at Wilmington University is CAEP Accredited The College of Education is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation.

Required courses and total credits vary based on degree selected.
9 courses 35 total credits

$1,572 per course

Cost of a typical 3-credit graduate degree course.
Wilmington University tuition is based on cost-per-credit.
You only pay for the courses you need to complete your master's degree.

The M.Ed. in Reading program is available in the following formats and locations:



WilmU Industry and Career Outlook

Graduates of WilmU College of Education programs are well-prepared for their careers.

100% of Principals/Supervisors indicate WilmU’s graduates are most prepared in designing instruction/learning experiences that account for individual differences and ensuring a safe and inclusive learning environment.

91% of Principals indicate that WilmU’s teacher preparation programs prepare graduates to actively pursue, reflect upon, and use professional development opportunities, coaching, and/or mentoring to improve teaching practice.

91% of Principals indicate that graduates from WilmU’s teacher preparation program are fully prepared to work effectively with students from diverse communities, different cultures, and those living in poverty.


As a certified reading specialist, I wanted to earn a degree that offered the opportunity for professional development and salary advancement. WilmU's flexible schedule, online courses, and affordable cost was so convenient for working adults like me. — Maria Thomas
MEd in Reading Maria Thomas Testimonial

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