Pathways to Instructional Excellence

Center for Teaching Excellence Pathways to Instructional Excellence

Wilmington University’s Center for Teaching Excellence is committed to promoting high quality academics and faculty-centered services that enhance excellence in teaching and learning, relevancy of curriculum, and individual attention to students. 

Our commitment begins with personalized attention to our faculty members.  The Pathways to Instructional Excellence are an extension of that commitment.  These resources have been developed to help each faculty member develop the teaching related skills associated with excellence in our classrooms.  By reviewing the content provided our faculty will be able to assess their professional development needs and be provided an avenue toward demonstrating competency in various teaching situations.  Please visit the Pathways to Instructional Excellence Homepage for more information.  If you have any questions about the information provided or if you would like to schedule an appointment with the CTE please send us an email at

Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) Workshop Catalogue

Fall 2018 Workshops, Webinars, and Discussions

To see our schedule of upcoming events please visit the CTE Workshop Calendar.  For session agendas and descriptions please click the links below for more information.  To discuss your instructional needs or the Pathways to Instructional Excellence please send us an email at

Resources and Session Agendas for Promoting Excellence in Teaching:

Resources and Session Agendas for Promoting Career-Relevance of our Curricula:

Resources and Session Agendas for Promoting Individual Attention for Students


Resources and Session Agendas for Innovative Instruction and Engaging Students in Lifelong Learning  

One-on-one Teaching Consultations:

The Center for Teaching Excellence will assist faculty who  seek to improve their teaching effectiveness and the classroom experience of their students. Consultation can be provided on a one-time or continuing basis. The consultation process is a partnership and a discovery process that evolves over time to accomplish the desired goals of faculty who seek assistance. Whether seeking general know-how or advanced teaching strategies, our consults can help faculty build their teaching skills in a number of different areas. Consults are not a means of summative evaluation and are not associated with the promotional process. All teaching improvement consultations arranged with the CTE are considered to be confidential and voluntary. To schedule a consultation please send an email to

Becoming a Scholarly Practitioner:

Wilmington University understands that the transition from professional to educator can be both exciting and challenging. To help new faculty prepare for this transition the Faculty Development department offers the Becoming a Scholarly Practitioner program, a series of workshop sessions designed to help faculty acquire the skills they need to be successful at Wilmington University. Upon completion of the series participants will:

  • Recognize the role adjunct faculty play in helping Wilmington University realize its institutional vision for classroom success
  • Plan class learning content, methods of assessments, and finding relevant course resources
  • Develop class policies and complete a learner-centered syllabus for their class
  • Identify strategies for effectively communicating class expectations and student progress

To see a schedule of upcoming workshop dates, times and locations please visit our Faculty Development calendar of upcoming events or send an email to

IDEA Review and Analysis:

Wilmington University uses the Individual Development and Educational Assessment (IDEA) survey to collect student feedback on instructor teaching methods and student progress on relevant course learning objectives. Faculty interested in reviewing their feedback with a member of the CTE may request a confidential consultation. Sessions can provide general analysis of past IDEA feedback and provide tips and suggested actions for improving scores in specific teaching areas. Consultation can be provided face-to-face, via phone, or via email. To schedule a meeting please send an email to for more information.

Additional services:

  • Provide online teaching resources for faculty
  • For adjunct faculty, serve as resource for Human Resources related items such as recruitment, hiring, auditing of credentials, new hire orientations, new faculty paperwork, and processes related to adjunct faculty pay.