Receiving Your Financial Aid


Review and Accept your Award in the MyWilmU Portal

Log into the MyWilmU Portal once you have received notification that your financial aid application has been processed and an award offer has been made for you.  The “My Award” section of the Portal will direct you to either view your award or to accept or decline it.  Click on “Accept or Decline Your Award” and you will be taken to your current award offer.   You will have to review and accept the Terms and Conditions of your award offer before you can accept the awards.  You may accept the loan award in full or a partial amount. You may also decline the loans in full.

  • Remember that Pell Grants are pro-rated based on your enrollment and are semester specific.   The Pell grant amount that you are awarded is based on full-time enrollment and will be adjusted as detailed here.  At Wilmington University, no matter how it might appear, your Pell Grant will not cover your full tuition charges.
  • Remember to accept your full Subsidized Loan first before accepting any Unsub since this loan does not accrue interest until after you graduate.


Use a Bookstore Voucher

Students who have an accepted financial aid award that exceeds their institutional charges, may utilize a bookstore voucher to purchase textbooks and supplies by charging those costs to their financial aid balance. Book vouchers are generally available for the semester beginning two-weeks prior to the start of your classes and available until its expiration date.  This means that if you are enrolled in both Block 1 and Block 2 courses, you should purchase your Block 2 books when you purchase your books and supplies for Block 1 because there will not be a second book voucher available after your financial aid has been transferred to your billing account and a refund has been issued.


Financial Aid Will Be Applied to Your Account Balance

Once you have accepted your financial aid and completed all requirements, and registered for courses in your degree program, financial aid will appear as "AUTHORIZED" until actual financial aid funds are applied to student’s billing account.  Actual financial aid funds are transferred to student billing accounts beginning on the published transfer date that correlates to the term of enrollment.  Actual funds transfers are contingent upon documented class attendance. Once funds are applied to the student’s billing account, federal regulations mandate any remaining credit balance be released to the student within 14 days.

Financial Aid awards are made for the entire academic period that you will be attending Wilmington University.  Steps 2 and 3 happen each semester of the academic year that you have an award.  You will only need to accept your awards once, but sometimes circumstances arise where you may want to make a change to your accepted award.  Students can submit a Loan Revision Request form to return or decline funds or to change their expected enrollment periods.  Students may also use the Loan Revision to request previously declined funds or in the event of a grade level change, request additional funds.