PowerFAIDS at Wilmington University


Beginning with the Fall 2014 semester, which is the beginning of the 2014-2015 academic year, the financial aid office will use PowerFAIDS to administer the federal financial aid programs here at Wilmington University.


Overall, we expect nothing but a positive experience for students from our transition into this new system. However, in order to help you through this transitional period, we want to bring the following items to your attention, so that you may know what to expect from Financial Aid in this upcoming year:

What has CHANGED...

WU FA Application: All financial aid applicants will be required to submit this form.  The form can only be completed electronically by logging onto your Web Campus account and following the link to “My Financial Aid (Fall 2014 and forward)”.

The WU FA Application replaces the Outside Resources & Title IV Certification form. And in addition to informing us of any funding you expect to receive from sources outside of the federal government or Wilmington University, you will also be asked to tell us your Anticipated Attendance (i.e. Fall/Spring/Summer, Fall/Spring, Spring/Summer, etc.) for the 2014-15 academic year.

Messages: In addition to checking Web Campus for outstanding requirements and/or documents needed to complete your financial aid application, you may also receive MESSAGES from the financial aid office with special instructions or information specifically for you throughout the financial aid process. So be sure to check for these messages routinely.

What remains the SAME...

FAFSA: All federal aid applicants are still required to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid in order to initiate the federal aid application process.

MPN: All first time Stafford Loan borrowers still need to log onto www.studentloans.gov to complete a master promissory note.

Entrance Counseling: All first time Stafford Loan borrowers still need to log onto www.studentloans.gov to complete federal loan entrance counseling.


Providing excellent service to our students remains our number one priority, so with that, we want to apologize in advance for any unanticipated delays or hiccups in the process as we navigate this new territory along with the rest of you. Also, we promise to keep you well informed throughout the year of any and everything you will need to know in order to facilitate the delivery of your federal student aid funds to you. So check back here and on your Web Campus Financial Aid account regularly for updates.