Dual Degree MSN

MSN/Mba Health Care Administration Focus

Program Requirements

Students are encouraged to discuss their academic plan with the MSN Leadership Department Chair for initial advising. The MBA portion requires discussion with the College of Business Department Chair after initial advising appointment.

Core MSN Courses

MSN 6500 Available Online  Leadership Roles in Advance Nursing Practice

MSN 6502 Contemporary Concepts in Advanced Nursing Roles

MSN 6606 Available Online Research in Nursing Practice

MSN 6607 Available Online Evidence-Based Decision Making in Nursing


Choose either:

MSN 6645 Available Online Bioethics


MSN 6641 Available Online Philosophical Perspectives of Nursing Leadership


MSN 7741 Available Online Politics and Policy in the Healthcare System

MSN 7750 Available Online Teaching and Learning in Nursing


MBA Requirements

MBA 6100 Available Online Managerial Accounting

MBA 6300 Available Online Quantitative Business Analysis

MBA 6400 Available Online Economic & Financial Environment of Business

MBA 7200 Available Online Financial Management

MGT 6501 Available Online Organization Theory and Design

HCA 7745 Available Online Marketing in the Health Care Sector

HCA 7730 Available Online Health Insurance and Reimbursement

HCA 7740 Available Online Legal Aspects in Healthcare



MSN 8400 Available Online Capstone

MSN 8500 Available Online Capstone



MSN 6500 Available Online Students are advised to take this as their first course.

MSN 6607 Available Online This course has a pre-requisite of MSN 6606 Available Online

MBA 6100 Available Online Accounting I & II in undergrad or MBA 5850 Available Online

MBA 6300 Available Online MAT 110 Available Online or undergraduate algebra, calculus or statistics

MBA 6400 Available Online ECO 105 Available Online or some undergraduate economics course

MBA 7200 Available Online MHR 7830 Available Online or 1 semester of undergrad finance


All other courses must be completed prior to registering for either

MSN 8400 Available Online and/or MSN 8500 Available Online

This information applies to students who enter this degree program during the 2018-2019 Academic Year. If you entered this degree program before the Fall 2018 semester, please refer to the academic catalog for the year you began your degree program.