Institutional Data

Public Reports

Institutional Research can provide detailed data reports, by request, covering enrollment, graduation and more. For general facts visit:

Private Reports—IR Intranet Site

Access to these reports require university credentials. All reports contained in this directory are password-protected by Institutional Research. The reports include: Facts at a Glance, Financial Reports, and Retention & Graduation Reports. Access private reports




Creating and developing surveys, administering surveys, and reporting survey results is another major responsibility of the office. Surveys that are administered to Wilmington University students, alumni, faculty, and staff are deployed throughout the year, both on an as needed basis when requested by departments or groups and as scheduled, recurring surveys.  

The Office of Institutional Research overseas the routine administration student surveys, those of which present the University with results that are used in developing programs and services for students and alumni. Currently enrolled students can expect to receive a survey during the spring semester of their senior year. Alumni can expect to receive a survey during the fall following their graduation.