Multimedia Studios

Wilmington University has three Do-It-Yourself Multimedia studio spaces, designed for the easiest possible use by students and faculty to create simple, high-quality videos for assignments and courses.

There are the locations:

  • The Harry Deppert Learning Commons in the Wilson Graduate Center, Building 31
  • Dover Building B, 3282 N. Dupont Highway
  • Brandywine Room 117 (Opening Soon!)

Wilson Graduate Center

Quick Start Guide

In order for you to be guaranteed studio time you must make a reservation in advance. You can reserve the room online using this link or using the QR code located on the studio door. If the studio is not already reserved you can book time as a walk‐in. You must fill out a paper reservation at the HDLC library associate’s desk.

You will need to provide your own SD card to record your videos. The campus store at the New Castle campus stocks them, and the Wilson Graduate Center store may also have them. You can also find SD cards online or at your local Walmart or Staples.

When you first walk into the room, there will be a book with further instructions on use and best practices. You can also watch the following video to become familiar with the studio:

Tutorial Video:


Students, faculty, or staff can ask the library resource staff for a quick overview.
If faculty or staff would like more advanced training, you can contact


Quick Start Guide

To reserve room space, fill out the form at

The camera is connected to a nearby desktop computer, which allows you to record videos directly into Kaltura as long as you've logged into Canvas and are recording through Kaltura Capture. You may also livestream through Zoom or another web conferencing software from this space.

There is an SD slot to the right of the power button. You may bring your own SD card and record videos manually to it if you choose.

The video below provides a refresher on how to launch Kaltura Capture from Canvas. Your videos should upload directly into your "My Media" account.