myWilmU Faculty Self-Service

Most day-to-day activities and services for instructors are available with one click on the myWilmU Faculty Home page. Faculty Self-Service has many more services and information you'll need as a faculty member, whether you are an instructor or a faculty member with advising, program or other academic responsibilities.

Faculty toolbar Self-Service icon

  • On the myWilmU Faculty Home page, click the Faculty Self-Service icon in the toolbar.
  • The Faculty Services Menu will open in a new tab or window, so you can easily switch back to myWilmU Faculty Home.

The Faculty Services Menu

The Faculty Services Menu, also referred to as the Faculty and Advisor Menu, is collection of online self-service for faculty.

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Faculty Services Menu Screen Shot

Faculty Services (Faculty and Advisor) Menu Items

Click each menu item below for more information.

Student Information Menu

The Student Information Menu allows faculty and staff to view the profile and academic information for a particular student (if you have privileges), including an academic transcript.

See Student Profile and Academic Transcript for step-by-step instructions and details.

CRN (Course) Selection

The CRN, or Course Reference Number, is a 5-digit ID number that uniquely identifies each course section offered for each term. You will use the CRN any time you want to refer to or lookup information about a course section, especially if you are not the instructor in the course.

NOTE: The CRN is unlike our former section/course code number, and does not contain any at-a-glance information or to identify the semester or block format or schedule, or site where the course is offered.

CRN Selection lets you select the course for which you'd like to view or enter information.

  • For most Self-Service functions, you'll need to Select a CRN first.
  • One you select a course via CRN Selection, you will return to the Faculty Services menu.
    • All the other Self-Service functions and menu items will display information for that course.
  • To select a different course, return to the Faculty Services (Faculty and Advisors) menu and choose CRN Selection again.

Select a Course You Are Assigned (Teaching)

To select a course you are assigned to teach, use the drop-down list.

Select a Course Your Are Assigned

Enter a CRN for a Course You Are Not Assigned

To select a course where you are not the instructor assigned to teach:

  1. Lookup the course in the Course Schedule to find the CRN.
    Lookup the course in the Course Schedule
  2. Return to Faculty Self-Service > Select a CRN, then click Enter CRN Directly.
    Select a CRN

Faculty Detail Schedule (Course Details)

The Faculty Detail Schedule will show you detailed information about each course you are teaching, in addition to enrollment information and meeting dates/times. Below is a screen shot and description of the Faculty Detail Schedule.

Faculty Detail Schedule screen shot

  • The CRN and Course ID are located at the top of the page, next to the course name.
  • You can see the semester or block the course is offered in Part of Term.
  • You can view the location where the course meetings in Campus.
  • You can view the format of the course in Schedule Type.

Week at a Glance

Week at a Glance provides the schedule of the courses you are teaching in a familiar day/time matrix view.

Week at a Glance provides the schedule

Summary and Detail Class List (Course Rosters)

Below is a screen shot and description of the Summary Class List and Detail Class List in Faculty Self-Service, which is essentially your course roster for each course.

Summary Class List

Summary Class List provides the list of students registered in a course section, in a summarized view.

  • You can view number of students in your class, and each students' name.
  • You can email the whole class, or just one student, by using the mail icons.
  • The Final column is not currently in use.

Summary Class List (course roster) screen shot


Detail Class List

Detail Class List, in addition to the information provided in Summary Class List, provides a detailed information for each student who registered in a course section, including each student's curriculum information.

Detail Class List

Detail and Summary Wait List

Instructions for the Detail and Summary Wait Lists will be available soon.

Attendance Entry and Tracking

Attendance Entry and Tracking allows you to enter attendance for the list of students that are enrolled in your course.

See Entering and Tracking Attendance for step-by-step instructions.

Final Grades

Final Grades allows you to enter final grades for the list of students that are enrolled in your course.

See Entering Final Grades for step-by-step instructions.

Incomplete Grades Summary

This page allows you to review the list of students having already an incomplete grade in the course section you are teaching, where you can choose to substitute the incomplete grade with a final grade. Instructions for using this function will be available soon.