myWilmU Faculty Self-Service

View a Student's Profile and Academic Transcript

  1. Click on the  Faculty Self Service icon from toolbar on the myWilmU Faculty Home page.

    myWilmU Faculty Toolbar Image

  2. From the Faculty Services Menu, click Student Information Menu, then click Student Advisor Profile.

    Faculty Services Student Information Menu Screen Shot

  3. The Advisee Search page will appear. Enter the student ID (full WXXXXXXXX) or the student name (Last, First) and then click View Profile.

    Faculty Self-Service Advisee Search Screen Shot

  4. The student’s profile will appear displaying a wealth of information.

    Student Profile Page Image

    You can do the following information from the student profile:

    1. View Status, Registration Notices, and Holds (academic standing, student status, enrollment status, etc.)
    2. View Biographical information (contact info, emergency contact, etc.)
    3. View General information (level, class, campus, etc.)
    4. View Curriculum Information (degree, major, earned hours & GPA, etc.)
    5. View Registered Courses (registered courses for the term you are viewing)
    6. From the Additional Links menu on the left hand side, you can access the following for the student:
      • Academic Transcript
      • Student Detail Schedule
      • Application to Graduate
      • Week at a Glance
      • Registration and Planning
      • Grades
  5. To view the Academic Transcript, choose that option under Additional Links.

    Student Profile Menu Additional Links - Academic Transcript Highlighted