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Identifying and Resolving Registration Errors

You may encounter one or more "errors" when attempting to register (add) some courses to your course schedule for the term in myWilmU Self-Service. These are not system errors. They are actually messages to you that, according to your student record, you don't meet the criteria to register for the course without assistance or approval.

Note: Please Use a Desktop or Laptop Computer
These procedures are best performed on a desktop or laptop computer at this time. Some mobile devices and browsers may not display these pages or forms correctly.

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Video Tutorial

If You Receive a Registration Error:

  1. Note (copy or write down) the Error Message (notification) you received in the top-right of the window.
  2. Note (copy or write down) the following information about the course that produced the error:
    • The CRN (Course Reference Number) for the section of the course that produced the error,
    • The Course Subject and Number.
  3. Return to the myWilmU Registration * page.
    • This page is likely to be still open in another tab in your web browser. Simply switch to that tab without closing any other tabs.
  4. Click Registration Errors and How to Resolve Them * from the Registration links.
  5. In the list of errors, find the error message and description that matches the error displayed when you attempted to add the course.
  6. Some errors indicate that you may request assistance or approval to register for that course. If so, click "Request Assistance" on the same line as the error you received.
    • If the error you received does not indicate that you may request assistance or approval, please select another course.
  7. Complete the Request Assistance form. To do so, you will need:
    • The CRN (Course Reference Number) for the section of the course that produced the error (as noted above),
    • The Course Subject and Number (as noted above),
    • Your Student ID Number (available from your Student Profile).
  8. Submit the Form.
  9. A University student service representative will respond to your request as quickly as possible.

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