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Husband and Wife Team Leads New Jersey Alumni Chapter Towards Growth

Aparicio and Kasha Giddins, New Jersey Alumni Association Co-Chairs


Wilmington University’s Alumni Association is growing rapidly in many ways.  Every year that passes brings an increase in events, alumni participation, and even new alumni chapters.  One of the main reasons for this impressive growth is the high quality of leaders that have stepped forward to serve their beloved alma mater.  Among these leaders, stand the visionary couple, Aparicio and Kasha Giddins.  The Giddins are the co-chairs for the relatively new alumni chapter in New Jersey.

Aparicio and Kasha are both alumni of Wilmington University, each having earned a master’s degree from this institution.  Aparicio earned a Master’s of Business Administration, and Kasha earned a Master’s of Education; both degrees were earned in 2007.  In addition to these degrees, both Aparicio and Kasha are continuing to further their education.  Kasha is currently pursuing an Ed.D from Nova Southeastern University and Aparicio is currently working towards an Executive MBA from Penn State. Not only does this couple have an impressive educational resume, they are also bringing a wealth of experiential knowledge to their role as Alumni Association Chapter Chairs.  Aparicio is currently working as a regional sales manager for GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA and Kasha is serving as the principal at Lindenwold Elementary School in New Jersey.  This is truly a couple who is very capable to lead this growing chapter, in a flourishing alumni association.

When asked about their vision for the New Jersey Chapter of the WilmU Alumni Association, Kasha said, "I would love to see us gain at least a 20% increase in membership and grow the main events we host annually, which are the Wine Tasting and the Life Skills events.  My hope is that by growing these events we can spread the news of the quality and convenience that Wilmington offers while reaffirming a sense of pride in our past graduates."   
Aparicio said that he would like to see the organization grow to a point where a really powerful network of connected professionals is established.  He said that one of the best ways for people to remain connected to their degree conferring organization is through active participation in the Alumni Association at the chapter level.  It is therefore, the Giddins goal to continue to raise awareness and foster participation at the chapter meetings and Alumni Association sponsored events.

Of the events hosted by the New Jersey Chapter of the Alumni Association, one of the most popular is the annual wine tasting at Heritage Vineyards.  Aparicio says that this event is, “such a wonderful time because the relaxed atmosphere really facilitates conversation and connection with other alumni.”  These connections are exactly what the WilmU Alumni Association is all about, and with people like the Giddins leading the way, I am sure that the network of connections is going to continue to grow into something genuinely amazing!

Published: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - New Castle, DE