Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest difference between online learning and in-class learning?

The biggest difference is in the way information is exchanged. When you’re physically present in a classroom, information is gathered through listening and observation. In an online environment, reading and writing are the most critical ways to share information.

How long are online classes?

Online classes are offered in 7 or 15-week formats. Three semesters and six blocks are offered each academic year (fall, spring and summer).

When and where do I complete coursework?

You can access Wilmington University’s online courses using any Internet connection—anytime, anywhere. Each week you will participate in class discussions, post assignments, and review faculty and peer feedback. You can choose the time and place that works for you!

Are online courses self-paced?

No. Courses are delivered on the block or semester schedule and students are expected to participate three to five days a week in the discussion board or other weekly assignments.

How will my instructor contact me?

You should receive an email from your instructor before the first day of class. Other methods of contact and feedback include, phone calls, discussion boards, virtual chat, email, web conferencing, and notes within assignments.

How do I get my textbooks?

Purchase textbooks online by visiting our Campus Store. Or if you are in the area, stop in to the New Castle campus and visit the Campus Store.

What if I need technical support?

Students can access the e-support portal at Technology Resources & Support . Chat live with a service professional or request support. You can also call 1-877-708-2905 to speak with a technical support representative.

How much does it cost?

Tuition and basic fees are the same cost as courses at the New Castle campus. Some courses require that you purchase special equipment or software.

What are the computer requirements?

Most computers manufactured in the last 4–5 years will be fine. Operating systems needed: Windows: 10, 8, or 7 or Mac: OS X 10.7 or higher. See Am I Ready for Online Learning? for additional computer and software requirements.