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Anjani Patel

Spring Block II, 2021


We are pleased to announce Anjani Patel as our Student of the Block for Spring Block II, 2021! Anjani is a graduate student pursuing her passion for education and life-long learning in the Master of Business Administration program. Anjani hopes to broaden her leadership skills by learning more about business and communication, and she looks forward to the challenge of attaining her master’s degree: “Struggling means learning, and that is why I wanted to start my MBA.” In addition to her educational goals, Anjani is active in the volunteer community. She works as an email marketing consultant with a non-profit conservancy that helps save and rehabilitate orca whales. Anjani also contributes her time as an intern for an organization that empowers women in technology and data. Congratulations, Anjani!

Claudia Franco

Spring Block I, 2021


Please join us in congratulating Claudia Franco as our Student of the Block for Spring I, 2021. Currently in her junior year, Claudia transferred to Wilmington University from Santa Monica College in California. Claudia has an excellent academic record with a 3.37 GPA, and she was on the Dean’s list last summer. Claudia also has an impressive history of volunteer work, and she hopes to use her degree to continue helping people. Noting the challenges of work, school, and life during the pandemic, Claudia encourages her classmates to follow her approach by keeping a positive attitude and persevering, and she has certainly demonstrated this sentiment. Again, congratulations, Claudia!

Caroline Bowman

Summer Block II, 2020


Texas resident Caroline Bowman knows the benefit of hard work and dedication.  After earning her Bachelor’s Degree at Baylor University, Caroline started her career at Disney.  She points to her faith as a key component in motivating her to work hard to achieve her independence.  She observes, “I am proud of accomplishing independence. Being able to support myself has been a huge accomplishment in my life. I worked very hard to get to where I am today and have a career in what I’m passionate [about].” Equipped with this confidence and with the support of the Disney Aspire program, Caroline set her sights on earning her Master’s Degree in Applied Family Science at Wilmington University.  She enrolled in Spring 2020, and as of the end of summer block 1 has earned 18 credits towards her degree.  She’s currently enrolled in 2 more classes and is well on her way to completing her Master’s Degree.  Caroline reflects, “These achievements have taught me that as long as you work hard and do your job, you will find success.”  Congratulations, Caroline!

Dorcha Barfield

Spring Block I, 2020


Please join us in congratulating Dorcha Barfield for being chosen as our Spring 2020 student of the block.  Dorcha is a single mother of three and is currently working full time in the nursing field.  Her passion is helping people and she wants to transition to the field of social work.  Dorcha chose to study Behavioral Science at Wilmington University to accomplish this goal.  Her decision to switch work fields was influenced by the loss of her 17 year old son to gun violence.  She plans to continue her education after Wilmington University at Lincoln University where her son was accepted with a full scholarship in honor of him..  Dorcha plans to become a licensed clinical social worker.  She was on the Dean's list in the Spring of 2019 and currently has a GPA of 3.0.  Dorcha believes that hard work and dedication pays off and will allow her to achieve her career and life goals.  Congratulations Dorcha!

Matthew Blood

Summer Block II, 2019


Matt Blood, MS in Administration of Human Services, has been named the Summer block II 2019 online student of the block.  Matt is originally from Olympia, WA and now lives in Seattle.  Matt has extensive experience working with older and disabled adults and he was specifically inspired to pursue this career after caring for his great grandmother.  He worked as a social worker assistant in St. Petersburg, FL and then went on to become a director.  From there, he had progressive positions in social services before getting into case management.  He now serves as an investigator for the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services investigating allegations of abuse, neglect, exploitation and abandonment of vulnerable adults.  All told, Matt is a champion of protecting the rights of elder adults.  We are proud to have him as our online student of the block!

Marquetta Moore

Spring Block II, 2019


Please join me in congratulating Marquetta Moore as our Spring Block II student of the block.  Marquetta is a first generation college student.  She received her AAS in Information Security from Delaware Technical Community College.  While there, Marquetta took on the role of President in the Creative Writing Club, and served as SGA Vice President.  Marquetta's driving force has always been to help people and she does that through her support role in her current position at a local community college.  Marquetta is currently pursuing her degree in Computer and Network Security.  She chose Wilmington University because she was able to receive information and a clear path from her advisor right away.  Her current GPA is a 3.91 and she is a receiver of the Annual Scholarship Fund.  Congratulations Marquetta!

Mikayla McLaughlin-Ahern

Spring Block I, 2019


Mikayla is a Junior at Wilmington University pursuing her Bachelor's in Liberal Studies and a certificate in Non-Profit Management.  Mikayla chose Wilmington University because of its flexibility and wide variety of courses the University offers.  In addition to her studies, Mikayla works at several libraries and plans to pursue her Master's degree in Library Science so she can fulfill her dream of becoming a librarian.  Mikayla has excelled academically and currently holds a GPA pf 4.0.  Mikayla enjoys reading, travelling and spending time with family and friends.  Congratulations to Mikayla on being chosen as our 2019 Spring Block I student of the block!

Tiffany Miiller

Summer Block II, 2018

Tiffany Miiller

Please join us in congratulating Tiffany Miiller as our Summer Block II Online Student of the Block.  Tiffany chose Wilmington University because she is a military spouse and WilmU is Military friendly.  She also appreciates the variety of courses offered from online, hybrid and face to face.  Tiffany likes the block courses and feels the seven week format allows her to move through courses without feeling overwhelmed.  Tiffany currently has a GPA of 3.89.  She was able to volunteer as a Court Appointed Child Advocate this past year and just made the Dean's list for Spring 2018.  Tiffany plans to graduate this winter and continue on for her Master's degree in Accounting. 

Robin Hurlock

Summer Block I, 2018

Robin Hurlock

Please join me in congratulating Robin Hurlock for being chosen as Summer Block I Online Student of the Block.  Robin fell in love with the field of medicine when she began volunteering as an EMT with a Fire Department in the State of Maryland.  Her focus then became personal for the medical needs of a loved one. Shortly after Robin moved to Delaware, she completed her Nurse Refresher Course and realized her unfinished goal of completing her BSN Degree.  Robin believes nurses benefit from higher education and that learning provides a foundation for efficiency and organization.  Robin is close to completing her BSN and Wilmington University is excited for what the future holds for her!

Tammy Brewer

Spring Block II, 2018

Tammy Brewer

Tammy began her studies at Wilmington University in 2014 and has made the Dean's list every semester since enrolling more than three years ago.  She proudly graduated Magna Cum Laude and Delta Epsilon Rho with a GPA of 3.89 with her Associate's in Liberal Arts in May of 2016.  Tammy continued on and received her Bachelor's in Organizational Management along with a certificate in Human Resource Management in January of 2018 all while maintaining a GPA of 3.91 and graduating with the honor of Sigma Beta Delta.  She is currently taking courses to complete her certificate in Staff Training and Development.  Tammy serves as an officer on Wilmington University's Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Board and is the Vice President of the student led chapter.  Tammy hopes to attain full time employment while pursuing an MBA or Master's in Human Resource Management.  Please join us in congratulating Tammy for being chosen as Spring block II's Student of the Block.

Lucy Lacy

Spring Block I, 2018

NDLW image

Please join me in congratulating Lucy Lacy for being chosen as our Student of the Block for Spring I 2018.  Lucy began her nursing career as an LPN in 1989.  In 2003, she received her Associates Degree at Cumberland County College and became a Registered Nurse.  Her specialty is in Behavioral Health and Addiction.  Lucy is passionate about holistic nursing and is a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association and the International Society on Addictions.  Lucy finds joy in using creative ways to teach people healthy living skills.  She is excited to be back in school and looks forward to fulfilling her personal educational goals.  Lucy chose Wilmington University because of the flexibility and convenient scheduling.

Kristen Damon

Fall Block II, 2017

Kristen Damon - Fall Block II - 2017

Kristen is a full-time employee at an oil and gas services company in Houston, Texas and has been working on completing her degree that was started long ago.  Her children are now grown and she decided to focus hard at advancing her career and learning everything she possibly can so she can be the best at whatever she decides to do.  Kristen earned her Associate's degree in 2013 and has 5 more classes until she finally reaches her life-long goal of a Bachelor's Degree and Wilmington University has made that possible for her.  She has been able to work long hours and still work towards finishing her degree.  Please join us in congratulating Kristen for being chosen as our Fall Block II Online Student of the Block!

Shayla Banks

Fall Block I, 2017

Sheryl Banks - Fall Block I - 2017

After 10 years in the financial industry Shayla Banks felt she needed to evaluate her career.  She had been managing people for some time and felt she was hitting a plateau.  Shayla wanted to find a way to push herself and decided to return to school at WilmU to receive her MBA.  In doing so, she is taking the necessary time to further develop her leadership skills and move forward in her career.  Shayla works full time, teaches Zumba, volunteers weekly at a children's home and is raising her 12 year old son.  Please join me in congratulating Shayla for being chosen as Fall Block I's student of the block!

Kimberly Klingman

Summer, 2017

Kimberly Klingman - Summer - 2017

Kimberly Klingman has been chosen as our Summer Block I student of the block. Since Kimberly chose Wilmington University, the expectations and support have been exactly what she needed. Kimberly's degree program is in Human Resource Management and she has decided to get her certificate in HRM while obtaining her degree. Kimberly is excited for the opportunities her degree will bring and is able to work full time, go to school and still spend time with her two year old son and husband. Congratulations Kimberly for your hard work and being chosen as our Summer Block I student of the block!

Lindsey Valachovic

Spring Block II, 2017

Lindsey Valachovic - Spring Block II - 2017

Lindsey received her Bachelor's degree from Wilmington University in 2013. She landed a job as a probation officer in the state of New Jersey. Lindsey loves what she does but wants to better serve her clients so after much research she returned to WilmU to pursue her Master's degree in Administration of Justice. Lindsey enjoys the flexibility of online learning and will continue to work full time while completing her degree. Please join me in congratulating Lindsey as our Spring Block II Student of the Block!

Griffin Driver

Spring Block I, 2017

Griffin Driver - Spring Block I - 2017

Please join me in congratulating Griffin Driver of Georgia as our Spring block I Online Student of the Block. Griffin currently works in healthcare consulting. He took a break to join the workforce after receiving his undergraduate degree in Economics and Political Science and is back to pursue his MBA in Healthcare Administration.

Griffin sees the impact that one individual in the healthcare field can have on a community and he wants to continue to be a part of that experience. Griffin chose Wilmington University because of the online format, degree availability and affordability. He has been able to work and continue his education simultaneously. Congratulations Griffin!

Roshell Brown

Fall Block II, 2016

Rochell Brown - Fall Block II - 2016

As a child growing up, Roshell loved school and found it to be a source of security, love, and praise for her academic success. She returned to school after life threw many challenges her way as a non-traditional student.  When she enrolled in her Community College, she was struggling with those challenges while raising three children on her own.  Roshell took a huge leap of faith and returned to school at a time when she felt education was the best way to move her future forward and make positive changes for her and her family.

Roshell works as an Administrative Assistant currently and plans on becoming a Human Resources administrator after graduation.  Her degree from Wilmington University will be in Business Management.  Roshell currently holds a GPA of 3.86 while being the main support system for her family, working full time and finishing her degree. 

Roshell finds time to volunteer at her local food bank and for the local arts center for children in Virginia. 

Please join me in congratulating Roshell as our Fall Block II Online Student of the block!

Tom Vessella

Fall Block I, 2016

Tom Vessella - Fall Block I - 2016

Former Minor-League Baseball Player named Wilmington University Online Student-of-the-Block Tom Vessella has an interesting path to becoming a Wilmington University Educational Leadership Doctoral student. Born and raised in Burbank, CA, he’s spent the last nine years playing professional minor league baseball. As he observes, “I have spent so much time on a baseball field that I could not see myself being anywhere else.” However, as Tom reflects, he notes that in his time as a professional athlete he’s “seen and experienced countless examples of what leadership can do to teams and individuals.” Today, living back in his native Burbank, CA, Tom serves as the strength and assistant baseball coach at Hope International University. With an aim to one day oversee a collegiate athletic department, he enrolled in the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program (EDD) – Higher Education Concentration in January 2016. Asked why he chose Wilmington University, Tom says “I chose Wilmington University because of its flexibility and the possibility of combining my passions of baseball, education, and leadership.” Congratulations, Tom!

Audrey Jones

Summer Block II, 2016

Audrey Jones - Summer Block II - 2016

As a non-traditional student Audrey began her college career in the summer of 2012.  Since then, she has attended college full time, taking courses every semester including four-week winter sessions offered by her local community college.  She earned her Associates Degree in Business Management in May of 2015 and in December of this year Audrey will have completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with a minor in Human Resource Management.  This was no easy feat! Along with being a full time student, Audrey works a full time job and has a 10 year old son and three grandchildren she cares for. Next on her agenda is business ownership.  Audrey lost her parents at a young age, and has always had an affinity toward the elderly.  Her dream is to open a personal care home where she can provide care to the elderly.

Audrey wanted to complete her studies as soon as possible. She chose Wilmington University because of the Degree Completion Program as well as its trimester academic calendar.  Audrey says, "I have to say I made a great decision since all of my instructors thus far have been committed to the success of their students."

"Thumbs up to Wilmington University for bringing me closer to my goal!"

Adrienne Walstrum

Summer Block I, 2016

Adrienne Walstrum - Summer Block I - 2016

Adrienne Walstrum graduated from Wilmington University with her Bachelor's degree in Business Management in 2004.  She is now pursuing her Master's degree in Organizational Leadership.  Adrienne feels her first degree from Wilmington University has provided her many successes personally and professionally.  She has been working in the Clinical Research field for the past several years and finds the experience to be rewarding.  Adrienne has earned two performance awards in her job and gained the understanding and appreciation for professionals in the medical field from her work.  Adrienne has developed a passion for those with critical illnesses and remains dedicated in the research that may save them.  Please join me in congratulating Adrienne for being chosen as the Summer Block I student of the block!

Season Bennett

Spring Block II, 2016

Season Bennett - Spring Block II - 2016

Please join me in congratulating Season Bennett, chosen as our Spring Block II online student of the block! Season is a proud mother of 3 honors teen-aged children. She was born and
raised in Chicago, Il. and moved her family to Indianapolis, In. in December 2007.

Education is extremely important in my household. In order to not be hypocritical when she made demands of her children to complete college, Season decided to continue her studies and pursue a B.S. in Business Management with minors in Entrepreneurship and Business Management as well as Finance. In her first semester at Wilmington University in Summer 2015, she attained completed 15 credit hours with a 3.93 GPA and earned her place on the Dean's List. She looks forward to continuing this rigorous schedule and striving for work-life balance as she heads towards degree completion in

Season says,"There's no greater sense of accomplishment for me, a single mother of a high school freshman and sophomore and a college freshman than for my kids to tell me that they're proud of me."

Mary Weber

Spring Block I, 2016

Mary Weber - Spring Block I - 2016

Please join me in congratulating Mary Weber, chosen as our Spring Block I online student of the block! Mary lives in Delaware and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Del Tech last fall. She is an Elementary Education Major and currently has a 4.0 GPA. In her spare time, she works as a waitress. She enjoys shopping, reading, and spending time at the beach. Best of luck in your degree and congratulations!

Anna Willis

Fall Block II, 2015

Anna Willis - Fall Block II - 2015

Along with being a full-time student, Anna Willis is a wife, mother, and volunteer for See You Outside Delaware, a nonprofit organization that encourages citizens to stay healthy and active by promoting various outdoor events in the Delaware region. Throughout her journey with Wilmington University she has maintained a 3.9 GPA while getting married and having her child! Anna's volunteer work is extremely important to her she is proud that some of her fellow Behavioral Science classmates have gotten involved with See You Outside Delaware as well. Anna is also a member of the Delta Epsilon Rho honor society. While balancing school work with motherhood and volunteerism has been very challenging, Anna still fits in the time to focus on courses and interact with her peers and professors. Anna has enjoyed the challenges and interactions with fellow students that Wilmington University has provided. Congratulations Anna!

Dianna Petterle

Fall Block I, 2015

Dianna Petterle - Fall Block I - 2015

Please join me in congratulating Dianna Petterle, chosen as our Fall Block I online student of the block! Dianna lives in Northern California and is more than half-way through her program. She is a Behavioral Science major and currently works as a Project Manager for a healthcare company. She loves to spend time with her five year old grandson and volunteers for her local library, leading story time for two head start preschool classes. Best of luck in your degree and congratulations!

Anthony de Freitas

Summer Block II, 2015

Anthony de Freitas - Summer Block II - 2015

Please join me in congratulating Anthony de Freitas for being chosen as our Summer Block II online student of the block! Tony is a part time student residing in the D.C. area and is about halfway through the MBA-IST program at Wilmington University. Through hard work and continued success, Tony serves as a Project Manager Practice Lead at one of the nation's largest nonprofits. Tony received his BA in Economics from Texas State. With the extreme flexibility of Wilmington University, Tony has been able to work, go to school online, and spend time with his lovely wife and two dogs. Congratulations Tony!

Nadine Charles

Summer Block I, 2015

Nadine Charles - Summer Block I - 2015

Summer Block 1 2015’s online student of the block is Nadine Charles. Nadine has been working for Christiana Care for 15 years as a Registered Nurse. She is thankful for the partnership between Wilmington University and Christiana Care which has helped facilitate her return to school. Nadine’s goal is to become a leader in her field and mentions that Online Learning at Wilmington University has given her the flexibility needed to continue her education. Nadine also appreciates the support of close family and friends along her journey. She is preparing for her final project and expects to graduate in the Fall of 2015. Great job Nadine!

Regina Williams

Spring Block II, 2015

Regina Williams - Spring Block II - 2015

Please join me in congratulating Regina on being awarded Spring Block II online student of the block! Regina is a military veteran and single mother of three disabled children. She began her academic career with Wilmington University in 2009. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice earning a 3.54 grade point average and was also a member of the Criminal Justice Association and the National Honor Society for Criminal Justice. Regina also earned a Master's degree in Administration of Justice with a Concentration in Homeland Security with a 3.74 grade point average. She has written a poetry book titled, Shadows of Wisdom, Whispers of Love which was featured at Wilmington University. Regina completed an internship with Senator Tom Carper and was present for television and radio commercials. She is seeking one final educational certification in Legal Studies at Wilmington University.

Renee Hayes

Spring Block I, 2015

Renee Hayes - Spring Block I - 2015

Renee is currently pursuing a B.S. in Business Management and has a 4.0 GPA. She was chosen as a recipient of the Annual Fund Scholarship and has successfully completed a 10 week Student Leadership Challenge at Wilmington University. Renee was also selected to become a Student Ambassador. As a student, Renee has had the opportunity to give back to her school and local community. She has become a certified volunteer income tax assistant so she can help low to moderate income families complete their taxes. Renee plans to operate a home based wedding planning business so she can provide the once in a lifetime chance for dream weddings to people of all economic backgrounds. Please join me in congratulating Renee!

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