Rubrics are useful tools to help give effective feedback and fairness in grading across students and instructors. Rubrics provide students with transparency on how assignments are graded to ensure that they focus on criteria that will be assessed. Any subjective assignment with no clear right or wrong answer should utilize a rubric.

Rubric Tool

Canvas has a great too that associates rubrics directly into assignments, discussions, and quizzes, for ease of grading and view feedback. Please review this tutorial if you are interested in associating rubrics in your course:


To assist you in formulating a rubric for your assignment, please check out these templates. They are based on an analytical rubric design. There is one for undergraduate assignments as well as graduate assignments that are aligned with the University Grading System.


Here are some examples of rubrics that have been created in the past. Please note that you may need to adjust the rubric to meet your needs.


Blog Rubric

Weekly Blog Reflection Rubric


Discussion Board Rubric

Essays and Written Assignments

Case Study Undergrad Rubric

Inquiry Essay Undergrad Rubric

Written Communication Undergrad Rubric

Online Debate

Online Debate Rubric



Oral Presentation Rubric

Presentation Undergrad Rubric

Video Presentation Rubric

Training for the Rubric Tool

WilmU Faculty can register for an instructor-led trainings on the Canvas Rubric Tool in the WilmU Learning Center.