Online Learning and Educational Technology Team

Training and Development Support

Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Toll Free: 1-877-967-5464call 1

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Meet The Staff

Dr. Sallie Reissman Dr. Sallie Reissman
Assistant Vice President and​ Dean of the College of Online and Experiential Learning
302-356-6807call 2
Dr. Matthew Davis Dr. Matt Davis
Senior Director of Online Learning
302-356-2491call 3
Russ Lichterman Russ Lichterman
Director of Educational Technology and Multimedia
 302-295-1149call 17
Stephen Buchanan Stephen Buchanan
Instructional Design Manager
302-356-2462call 4
Mary Beth Youse Mary Beth Youse
Instructional Technology Manager
302-356-6979call 14
Christina Asroff

Christina Asroff
Media Technologist 

Sandra Bennett

Sandra Bennett
Instructional Technologist
302-356-2456call 11

Christian Broderick

Christian Broderick
Instructional Technologist
302-327-4753call 16

Kelly Clayton

Kelly Clayton
Online Student Navigator
302-356-2454call 12

Drew Cline

Drew Cline
Media Technologist  

Barb Danley

Barb Danley
Instructional Technologist

Meghan Erickson Meghan Erickson
Instructional Designer for the College of Education
302-356-2486call 5
Tracy Harder Tracy Harder
Administrative Assistant
302-295-1160call 19
Lauren Havens Lauren Havens
Online Student Navigator
302-356-6790call 13
Danielle Hunt Danielle Hunt
Instructional Designer for the College of Health Professions
302-327-4749call 10
Pam Huxtable Pam Huxtable
Administrative Technology Assistant
302-295-1195call 20
Ellen Louden Ellen Louden
Instructional Designer for the College of Arts and Sciences
302-356-2456call 8
Alla Powell Alla Powell
Instructional Designer for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
302-356-6725call 6
Stephen Scheib Stephen Scheib
Instructional Designer for the College of Business
302-295-1171call 9
Kelsey Styles Kelsey Styles
Media Technologist

302-327-4759call 18
Kathy Terranova Kathleen Terranova
Instructional Designer for the College of Technology
302-356-2456call 7
Adam Voyton Adam Voyton
Instructional Technology Project Specialist
302-356-2466call 15