Testimonials from Online Learning Students

Tiffany C., Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Tiffany C.

This photo taken in Washington D.C. with a wax version of Barack and Michelle Obama represents the sky being the limit for everyone and their success.  Believing in your dreams is sometimes all it takes to get others on board. An education is the beginning and the key.

Shripal, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Shripal S.

Hello, I am Shripal Shah from East Brunswick, New Jersey. Originally, I am from India and grew up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat a state where Mahatma Gandhi belongs to.  Right now I am in my 10th course as a part of MBA-MIS program. I took up my bachelor's degree in science with major in accounting and computer science. At present I am working full time in iPatientCare, Inc. as a Senior Technology Officer. After long break of 14 years I have decided to pursue higher studies to solidify my practical experience with the academic principles. Attached photo was taken at Six Flags in NJ when I visited this summer with my son. His name is Nishil and he is in 1st grade.

Jasmine Aviles, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Jasmine A.

"In the last three years, the most I have enjoyed about the distance learning is its flexibility and convenience. I am able to be a full-time employee as well as a full-time student without any struggles. Online learning is very convenient since you can complete assignments anywhere where there is computer access. So, it saves you the trouble to plan around school if you want to go on vacation or travel to visit family members on important occasions, such as Thanksgiving or Birthdays. Distance learning is a great way to build network connections in your major and to build your communication and interpersonal skills with other classmates. What eased my fears about the online education is the easy navigation panel on Blackboard as well as the help from course instructors and classmates."
- Jasmine A.
Behavioral Science major

Kelly Bowden, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Kelly B.

"Taking online classes here at Wilmington University has been a major benefit to me. As I work toward completing my degree, I have been able to take advantage of several online classes which has allowed me to be home for my family and work on my school work when I have time. The courses are well laid out and the instructors are supportive and responsible in returning emails. Thanks Wilmington for allowing me to have a flexible schedule while finishing my degree."
- Kelly B.
Elementary Education K-6 major

Patricia Bradshaw, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Patricia B.

"After returning to school after 20+years, I was convinced that the classroom setting would be the only avenue that would enable me to succeed in completing my degree. When a course I needed was not available in the classroom, I decided to take a chance and enroll in the distance learning version of the class instead. I am happy I did! I have since taken another class and am ecstatic over the fact that I am able to complete the class work on a timetable that works with my busy schedule of also managing a full-time job and a family. I am very happy that Wilmington University offers this option because I would not have otherwise been able to take the courses I needed in the order required to complete my degree in a timely manner."
- Patricia B.
Business Management major

Michael Britton, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Michael B.

"I've taken classes back in 1996/97 at Del-Tech and it was fine for me because I was younger and worked part-time;now,however, I'm older, married working full-time and the ability to finish my schooling on my own time is great! I was a bit leery when I started at WU in September of 2009 online, but after getting used to it (which didn't take long at all), it is by far the best thing I've done for myself. I make time to get my schoolwork done and I'm still able to hold down a full-time job."
- Michael B.
Criminal Justice major

Wayne Buchanan, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Wayne B.

"As a retired police officer I wanted a program that was relevant to the experiences that I had on the street. As someone who is extremely busy with my new career, family life, volunteer work, etc, I needed a good quality program that would fit my schedule. Wilmington University provides everything I need with an outstanding curriculum and faculty. I am currently in the 4th online course for my program and I am having a blast. I am able to work at my own pace,as time permits, and do so from my computer 1000 miles away from Wilmington University. I could not have made a better choice."
- Wayne B.
Master of Science in Administration of Justice major

Deborah Burton, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Deborah B.

"Wilmington University online courses provide the perfect learning opportunity for anyone with a need for distance learning. They allow me to receive a high quality education without interrupting my otherwise hectic work and personal schedule. Through the use of technology, instructors are able to provide a rich learning experience for every student at the convenience of the student. The course availability is outstanding, the interactive tools are easy to use, and there is always some sort of help available at the click of a mouse or the other end of a phone line. For those who had to choose a career over school, Wilmington University has answered those needs and gone beyond expectations. I am a proud student at WilmU and look forward to continuing on to the Master’s degree programs thanks to the opportunity provided by online learning."
- Deborah B.
Organizational Management Completion Degree major

Barbara Christopher, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Barbara C.

"After a 21-year career as a graphic designer, I returned to college (Wilmington University) to take courses to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher. I am very thankful that Wilmington University offers online courses. As a wife and mother of two children, the online format allows me the flexibility to study, complete assignments and collaborate with my online classmates during a 24-hour period, Monday through Sunday. Another benefit of online courses, especially in this economy, is that I can save gas money! Online courses are challenging and seem to require more work than non-online courses, but they are “do-able” if you pace yourself and stay on top of the assignments. I have taken several online courses so far and would definitely recommend it to other students."
- Barbara C.
MEE Elementary Education major

Renicia Cordero, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Renicia C.

"I took my first online course at Wilmington University last block. I took Managerial Accounting and while the content of the course proved to be quite challenging, the course format was excellent. The flexibility of the course allowed me to move at my own pace. In addition, online tutoring was available 24/7 to answer any questions that I had!"
- Renicia C.
MBA - Organizational Leadership major

Indira Cropper, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Indira C.

"My online experience has been so rewarding thus far! I love the convenience of the classes. I work two jobs after all, one full and one part-time, so time is of the essence. I had thought that it would be hard to get in contact with a professor if I had a burning question about an assignment, but that has not been the case. I also love the pace of the classes; I could not see myself sitting in a classroom for 15 weeks ever again. Not to mention, having the opportunity to interact with classmates in other states. I recommend online classes to any individual who can study independently and does not need to interact face to face. The key to online courses I believe is to plan your time wisely, study a bit each day and try not to get behind."
- Indira C.
Information Assurance major

Anna Dierker, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Anna D.

"I love online classes because I can complete my education from home. I have more time to spend with my 1 year old son because I don't have to commute to school which also saves money because I don't have to spend it on gas or a sitter. The teachers I have had so far have been wonderful and have been helpful. I have learned so much, and would recommend online learning to anyone!"
- Anna Dierker
Behavioral Science major

Jessica Dotson, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Jessica D.

"I just started going back to school this past Summer (2011). I work full time, commute 10 hours for work per week and I still find time for school. How? You may ask?
I began taking ONLINE COURSES! It was essential for me to go to take online courses because of my busy schedule and on-the-go life. I really enjoy taking these online courses: I can collaborate with other students, meet new friends, and achieve the goal of finishing my coursework before Student Teaching by the summer 2012. Wilmington University's online course program has allowed me to do so!"
- Jessica D.
Early Childhood Education major

Blake Draper, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Blake D.

"I had one last class to take for my general studies core and it was only available online. After taking this course I realized that I enjoyed taking a class online and I would recommend anyone if they haven't already taken an online course that they take it and experience how convenient it is and how easy it is to take and relief some of the pressure that classes on campus can bring upon you."
- Blake D.
Legal Studies major

Kerri Flanigan, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Kerri F.

"Online classes have allowed me to truly capture the essence of the course content. It really pushed my boundaries as a student to engage myself in the curriculum more than ever. There’s always a reluctance to share personal details of your life with other students in a classroom setting. Online, I found myself being more open and willing to connect to people I never met. This allowed me to understand the material and relate to what was being taught. Most importantly, I found myself creating a solid structure and routine to my life and my classes. That is something I can take with me forever. Although not every class is available for my degree program, I try to take as many online classes as possible."
- Kerri F.
Middle Level Education major

Kelsey Galfo, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Kelsey G.

"Wilmington University has made my online schooling experience wonderful. This is my second school in which I have taken online courses and Wilmington has a great setup. Blackboard is very easy to navigate, with everything you need for the class including tutoring right at your fingertips. The flexibility and freedom that online classes allow you to have is worth all of the hard work the classes do require. The amount of degrees they offer online is amazing, I received my Associates degree after this summer semester and will have my Bachelor’s degree after the spring of 2012 semester. Being a veteran and using my GI Bill was a concern for me with taking online classes, but it has been a very smooth process."
- Kelsey G.
Organizational Dynamics major

Shannon Joyce, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Shannon J.

"My name is Shannon Joyce and this is my first year attending Wilmington University. I am currently enrolled in a distance learning class and have completed two other online courses. I work full-time so online classes are very convenient for me. I enjoy the flexibility of being able to do the class work at my convenience. I have found it easy to navigate Wilmington Universities Blackboard page and uploading assignments are very easy. I also like that online courses have discussion boards so I can connect with other classmates and discuss the class readings. I highly recommend taking a distance learning class at Wilmington University."
- Shannon J.
Early Childhood Education major

Emiie Koch, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Emiie K.

"I transferred to Wilmington University this Fall, and it has been the best experience ever. I find the online courses to be challenging but convenient. I work two jobs and go to school full time, so it is nice to have the convenience of getting my school work done on my own time. Another convenience of online courses is saving gas money! The online courses are laid out in an easy to understand way and the teachers are always easy to reach if the need arises."
- Emiie K.
Early Childhood Education major

Melissa Lesniczak, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Melissa L.

I have really enjoyed my online experience at Wilmington University. The flexibility of the online schedule allows me to finish my degree requirements, while still being able to fulfill my familial and professional responsibilities. The instructors that I have had thus far have been extremely helpful and supportive. I would definitely recommend this format to any student that is looking to further their education, but because of familial and professional responsibilities, are unable to attend classes."
- Melissa L.
Allied Health major

Jason McCoy, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Jason M.

"This is my third semester taking classes online, and if they were not available I would not be able to attend classes. I have had two different jobs since taking classes, one where I worked a swing shift and was only on a shift for two weeks at a time and the other where I travel to various state for 2-3 months at a time. I am unable to attend normal classes. The Online classes have made it possible for me to continue my education. The best thing is that my kids know that I am in college and see me having homework and they think its the coolest thing. They have started talking about what they want to be when they are older."
- Jason M.
Computer & Network Security major

Michelle McGowan, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Michelle M.

"I love the discussion boards in my online classes. Sharing your knowledge and past experiences with other students is easier to do online than in a traditional classroom!"
- Michelle M.
RN-BSN major

Annette M., Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Annette M.

"Online classes have been great for me. I can do them in the morning before I leave for my day, after I get home, or on the weekends. There is a lot of instruction and with the discussion boards you are still getting those other very points of other students in your class."
- Annette M.
MEE major

Faye Myers, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Faye M.

"My experiences with online classes are they allow you to have a flexible schedule and get assignments done in the comfort of your own home. Online classes have the disadvantage of face to face interactions with professors and actually have a communication delay (going back and forth through email). My online classes have also required more time commitment as they scheduled more weekly assignments to make sure you are “present”.

With knowledge and experience of this information, I still choose to take certain classes online because a complete commitment to a traditional classroom setting would be a hardship for my schedule (work, family & community activities).

I believe anyone can succeed in online classes as long as they stay organized and self motivated. It is important to know from the first day of class what is required and when it is due. You also have to remember what inspired you to continue your education. I write my assignment due dates on my calendar and imagine myself walking across the stage at graduation."
- Faye M.
Business Management major

Auma Onyango, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Auma O.

"Wilmington University's Distance Learning courses give me a wide range of flexibility in my daily schedule. In-class instruction is not for everyone, and distance learning gives you the option to learn at your own pace. It can be very challenging but rewarding as well! At first I was a bit hesitant to take online courses because I thought it would be too confusing to navigate,submit assignments and research. However, the instructors provide many helpful tools and work with you to succeed."
- Auma O.
Accounting major

Elizabeth Peet, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Elizabeth P.

"Online classes give the flexibility to complete my assignments when it fits my schedule. The instructors I've had at Wilmington University clearly explain the course requirements and structure all of the assignments in a way that lets you work according to your schedule during the week while still meeting due dates so you are on pace with the other students. The communication via email, discussion boards, and telephone makes it easy to clear up any confusion about the topics or assignments. I prefer online classes to on-campus ones and take as many of them as possible. They are a great way to get my education while maintaining my full-time employment. I recommend them to anyone with good self-discipline and time management skills."
- Elizabeth P.
Psychology major

Devin Priest, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Devin P.

"Having transferred from both Widener and Goldey-Beacom College, I have found that the flexibility that Wilmington University offers brought a new excitement to my life. WilmU's flexible option for Distance Learning has allowed me to continue my education with simplicity and ease. The university's website (Blackboard) provides a connection with both the professor and fellow classmates. With Distance Learning, I have yet to feel "lost" or a feeling of abandonment from instructors which I have dealt with in other institutions. The ability to correspond with classmates and use of multiple interactive devices provided by Wilmington U has made my transition to online learning an absolute success. Much praise to the faculty that facilitate these courses and offer themselves to the class no matter where you are located or what time of day you can need assistance. Online Learning at Wilmington University may be second to none, anyone continuing their education should definitely give Distance Learning a try."
- Devin P.
Computer and Network Security major

Erica Quillen, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Erica Q.

"I began my MBA with a full time job, a wedding to plan, and a 1 month old baby. My parents were worried that I was overloading myself. After researching Wilmington University, I was up for the challenge. The school has proven to be everything I thought it would be and more. Online classes require discipline, self motivation, and fast learning! These are amazing qualities to have for your future career endeavors. Wilmington University's online classroom system, Blackboard, has been very easy to use. If there are any problems, staff is quick to assist you. I will be earning my MBA in the Spring of 2012. I think of that day when I am struggling to get my work done. It's important to keep to the schedule, write down due dates, and keep communication going to succeed in an online course. I have successfully advanced in my job, married, and raised a beautiful baby boy, now 15 months, in the process of earning my MBA. Wilmington University has only increased my love of education."
- Erica Q.
MBA major

Anetra Riddick, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Anetra R.

"Taking online classes helped me to pursue my college degree again. I was working a dead end job 16 hours a day, so in order for me to compete for a successful job I must have a degree. The online classes allows me to work and pursue my education."
- Anetra R.
Behavioral Science major

Lauren Smith, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Lauren S.

"I have enjoyed my time here at Wilmington. At my previous school I didn't feel kept in the loop, but here I do. I get emails about events coming up and everyone has been very helpful when I have needed help. I was lead in the wrong direction in my previous school and Wilmington has kept me and my graduation as a priority."
- Lauren S.
Business Management major

Brandi Townsend, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Brandi T.

"I am currently in an online chemistry class and I love it. It is so convenient! I was extremely nervous to take a chemistry class fully online, as I did not have any prior experience in the subject, but my instructor has made everything so easy. Blackboard is easy to navigate and organized. My instructor makes a list of everything that is due within the week. Although it is online, through the weekly discussion boards I feel like I have gotten to know my classmates. It has been a great experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering taking online courses!"
- Brandi T.
Nursing major

Peter Varney, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Peter V.

"I have been in school for the past 10 years continuing my education. My online MBA at Wilmington has been wonderful. It has allowed me to continue my education, work full time, raise a family, on my schedule. As a night shift RN I may do my work at 2am and as long as I submit quality work that is ok. That makes my life easier and my learning experience better than when I am restricted by more traditional classes."
- Peter V.
MBA major

Daniel Vornicu, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Daniel V.

"On-line classes are great. They offer you the flexibility that one needs. You have to be motivated to succeed because on-line classes are very structured. Assignments are to be turned in on time, otherwise you lose points. Overall a very good experience."
- Daniel V.
Business Administration major

Adam Voyton, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Adam V.

"What’s really convenient about the Web Information Systems program is it is offered online. Online classes are great because they work around your schedule.  In my experience, you actually learn more in online classes because there’s a greater focus on hands-on activities.  It’s also great because you have the opportunity to work with your classmates, oftentimes, you’re classmates are already working in the IT field so you can really learn from their experiences."
- Adam V.
Web Information Systems major

Adrienne Washington, Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Adrienne W.

"I completed a hybrid class for my Bachelors, it was not that bad because I was still going to class and interacting with everyone face to face. This is different and well sort of nice, especially completing your school work and interacting with the other students right from you home, in your pj's. Getting online when you feel like it as long as your get the assignments done within the week. Online classes allows for the opportunity to take care of home and at the same time go to school. I was a little uneasy with the process at first, but now I will probably complete my entire Masters degree studies online. I really enjoy attending WilmU. whether online or in the classroom."
- Adrienne W.
Administration of Justice major

>Kennika W., Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Kennika W.

"My online experience has been very much in my favor because I am able to be a mother, full time student, and an employee, without any interference. Also, I am able to complete my current and some future assignments without waiting for anybody else to either understand or catch up with the work. If you are a person who is self-motivated, fast learner and worker, and does not procrastinate, then I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed or dissatisfied in taking Distance Learning courses."
- Kennika W.
Criminal Justice major

Regina W., Wilmington University Online Learning Student

Regina W.

"Having the flexibility that accompanies online classes is something that is beyond priceless! I have an 8 week old, an 8 year old and an 11 year old that require my full-time attention; between my family and full-time job, I am forever grateful that I am completing my final class and that I was able to finish the entire program in exactly one year. If you have the desire to further your education and the motivation to do so, even when you don't want to (!), online classes are great and challenge you just as a classroom setting would. Professors are easy to contact and quick to respond when questions arise. I had professors work with me when my baby was born during the first week of a semester and professors that worked with me when small emergencies arose that delayed the submittal of assignments; Wilmington University has proven to be my best educational decision, thus far."
- Regina W.
Administration of Justice major

Lacey K.

"I find online classes to be very helpful and convenient if the teacher is reliable. I have had both good and bad experiences. When the teacher is on top of grading and explaining on line is a great way to learn. If not then online classes can be very frustrating and time consuming."
- Lacey K.
Early Education major

Amy L.

"I have been doing online classes through WilmU for about one year now. I have experienced the classroom setting as well as the online classes. Online classes offer flexibility that is impossible to achieve in a traditional classroom setting.

I have been very happy with my experience at WilmU and the online classes. I lead a very busy life and work a full-time job. Without the online classes offered at WilmU... my degree would not be possible."
- Amy L.
Criminal Justice major

Katherine L.

"I really enjoy online learning, it makes going to school and working full time possible. I can work at my own pace and still use the Wilmington University campus resources if the need comes up. And I am not confined by times in a classroom. I rarely have needed to use tech support, but they were helpful when I did need them. It's been a great experience."
- Katherine L.
Psychology major

Christine S.

"The online classes are extremely flexible for my schedule. I am someone that travels and I can take my computer with me wherever I go to complete my work. Online classes are also very challenging so you do have to have some sort of flexibility for your classes and school work. You also have to be very good at time management. I enjoy them because it fits my schedule. It is an experience and the instructors are usually very quick to help you with your needs."
- Christine S.
Psychology major