Taking an ACCUPLACER Assessment at an Off-Campus Facility

If you are not near a Wilmington University campus or location, but want to take an ACCUPLACER® assessment in-person, you can choose to do so at an off-campus, third-party testing facility that offers ACCUPLACER.

The third-party testing facility may charge a fee for taking the ACCUPLACER test. These fees are your responsibility, and cannot be charged to or paid from your Wilmington University student account.

To take an ACCUPLACER assessment at an off-campus facility:

  1. Complete the Placement Assessment Request.
    • Your home address will determine where you will take your assessment. We will locate the closest testing site within a 25 mile radius of your home address.
  2. You and the test administrator will receive the Remote Voucher Notification within 2 business days. Your notification will be sent to your Wilmington University student email address.
  3. Schedule the test at your designated testing facility. Follow the testing site’s scheduling requirements that are included in your Remote Voucher Notification.

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