Emergency Procedures

Hostile Intruder

In the event a hostile intruder is identified on University-managed premises, Wilmington University will initiate our public address (PA) system and lockdown procedures. Below are examples of what you can expect to hear on the PA system in these situations.

Example Public Address Announcements

Hostile Intruder Alert

Generic Test Announcement

All-Clear Announcement

Hostile Intruder Guidelines

Below are recommendations from University Safety to help you know your options in a hostile intruder situation. These are only guidelines, and are not intended to be used in sequential order.

  • Keep out of sight and keep out of the line of threat!
  • Turn out the lights.
  • Lock and barricade the doors.
  • Quietly and carefully assess your situation.
  • Ask yourself: Is it safer to stay or go?
  • Based on your knowledge and assessment of the situation, is it safe to go?
  • If it is, then get out of the building and keep going away from danger! Do not stay close to the building if possible.
  • When all else fails, prepare to counter-attack.
  • Use what you have as a weapon to strike, spray, or throw at the intruder!
  • If you are in a struggle with the intruder, keep the intruder's weapon in the direction that presents the least danger to you and/or others if at all possible.