Code of Conduct Violations

Code of Conduct Violations

  1. Academic Integrity
  2. Other Violations

Violations Review

Any member of the University community may take alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct to the Office of Student Concerns. Allegations will be reviewed and a determination made as to whether there is a basis to believe that a violation of the Code of Conduct may have occurred. If it is deemed that no violation has occurred, the allegations are dismissed and the accused
is so informed. If it is deemed that there is a basis to believe that a violation
has occurred, the Office of Student Affairs may, in an attempt to address issues as informally as possible; conduct further inquiry, discuss the violation with the accused student and propose a resolution.  If the accused student accepts responsibility and is in agreement with any accompanying penalty, the case will be considered resolved. If the Office of Student Affairs has determined that a resolution by agreement is not possible or at the request of the accused student, the allegation will be referred to the Student Discipline Committee.

The Office of Student Concerns may impose, at the discretion of that office, an immediate suspension of privileges pending the disposition of an allegation. Among the factors which may be considered, by way of illustration but not limitation, are the nature of the allegations, the prior history of the student,  the risk to the college community, and/or any court orders concerning
“no contact” provisions.


Allegations of Criminal Conduct

Any student accused of a felony, misdemeanor or DUI offense must report it to the Vice President of Student Affairs within seventy-two (72) hours of arrest or being charged.

The same rule applies to any charge, felony or misdemeanor, involving sexual conduct.

Students are required to report these matters irrespective of whether the charges arose from alleged conduct on or off a university site, and whether or not the alleged conduct occurred at a University sponsored event.

The Vice President of Student Affairs shall review the matter and the University shall determine, in its sole discretion whether to suspend or otherwise limit the student’s attendance and/or participation in classes and university sponsored activities.

The matter will then be referred to the Student Discipline Committee.