Students With Special Needs

Wilmington University actively supports the rights of students with disabilities to have equal access to education. Wilmington University makes every reasonable effort to accommodate the needs of students with disabilities.

The Office of Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services facilitates equal access to Wilmington University programs and activities for students with documented physical, sensory, learning, or psychological disabilities.

Students must contact and self-identify with the Office of Disability Services and furnish proper documentation of their disability in order to receive available services and/or accommodations.

College life is challenging for all students. For those students with physical limitations or learning disabilities, the successful transition to college life requires extra skills and flexibility. Students with special needs should be aware of the resources available to them that may make their transition to college life easier. In addition, they should be aware of the steps they must take to make their college experience more tailored to their special needs at college.


Commitment to the Disabled

The Office of Disability Services is committed to providing students with disabilities equal access and opportunities to achieve academic success. We will fulfill our commitment to providing quality service to students in a confidential, welcoming, and respectful environment. In collaboration with faculty and staff, the Office of Disability Services will ensure that reasonable accommodations are provided to students with disabilities.


What is a Disability?

Serving Students With Special Needs

The Law and Disabilities

Procedure/Guidelines for Receiving Special Accommodations

Documentation Guidelines

Temporary Accommodations

Services Available

Course Substitution

Policies & Procedures for Deaf/Hearing Impaired Students

Student Grievance Procedures

Ways That You Can Help Yourself


Assisted Technology Resources

Self ID Form

Documentation of Physical Disabilities and Health Disorder Form

Documentation of Psychiatric/Psychological Disorder Form

Need Help?

Christyn E. Rudolf
Manager of Disability Services
Student Life
Phone: (302) 356-6937