Health and Wellness

Through our ‘Live Well to Learn Well’ programming, the Student Life Department is committed to providing students, faculty, and staff with a list of resources and services to serve the health and wellness needs of the community.


CampusWell is an online magazine (provided by College Health Services, LLC) comprised of 10 digital editions on a monthly basis from September through June each school year. 

Issues have relevant articles as it relates to total health and wellness. Articles often feature information on good study habits, restorative sleep, healthy relationships, and of course, exercise and nutrition. Access to the ElectronicSelf CareGuide and back issuesisa popular feature. In addition, there is a tablet version of the magazine. Students are strongly encouraged to read the magazine and then take the survey. Once they take the survey, they are automatically entered into the monthly drawing of at least $1000!

Mental Health Screening

Mental health is a key part of your overall health. Brief screenings are the quickest way to determine if you or someone you care about should connect with a mental health professional. This program is completely anonymous and confidential, and immediately following the brief questionnaire you will see your results, recommendations, and key resources. This screening also includes an alcohol use and substance use component, as these play a significant role in mental health.


Mental Health Support Webinar: Depression

View this free, online webinar to get more information on managing depression and finding resources. Learn how to identify symptoms, risk factors, treatment, and keys for overall health and wellness. 

Mental Health Support Webinar: Eating Disorders

This free, online webinar focuses on defining the different types of eating disorders, identifying symptoms, causes, risk factors, and how to help a loved one in dealing with this disease. Learn how to find resources and treatment centers. 

Mental Health Services & Resources

Here you will find a list of mental health and social services resources. The list is comprised of state-funded and non-profit groups, who aim to assist members of the community during times of need. Some of the groups include Delaware Health and Social Services, the substance abuse hotline, suicide hotlines, and contact information for psychiatric counseling centers.

Smart Drive

SmartDriveU is a free, online defensive driving course certified by the Delaware Insurance Commissioner’s Office. Its mission is simple, to reduce loss of life and property in senseless motor vehicle crashes by providing education, positive reinforcement and raising awareness among drivers via online and hands on skills training courses. SmartDrive works hand in hand with Wilmington University as partners to promote safety and awareness among Wilmington University students, faculty and staff.

TrustScripts Prescription Card

TrustScripts is a FREE discount prescription card made possible through a partnership between Wilmington University and TrustScripts. There are over 56,000 pharmacies in the TrustScripts network which also includes some of the largest pharmacies such as CVS and Wal-mart. The pharmacies are contracted to deliver some of the highest discount rates in the industry. When you use your card at these locations you can receive discounts on your prescriptions anywhere from 10 to 85%. 

Discounted Flu Shots

During the flu season,vaccination can be a valuable tool in fighting off infection. TrustScripts provides discounted flu shots. Make sure you are protected this Flu season!

Area Programs and Resources

Here you will find a list of nearby health and recreational resources. This list provides links to different support groups, CPR classes, recreational leagues, and much more.

Christiana Care Health System: Health and Wellness

Links for Cancer support groups, community events, conferences, Diabetes education, First Aid & CPR classes, health & wellness Classes, nutrition workshops, parenting and pregnancy classes, screenings, and weight management classes that are offered to the community. Most classes are free to attend.

New Castle County Happenings Guide

Sections of this guide and website include information on: sports and athletics (basketball leagues, soccer leagues, volleyball leagues), community and recreation centers (which offer free and affordable programs such as fitness classes, open gym time, yoga, dancing, and more), and Carousel Park (which offers Zumba and fitness classes).

Wilmington Parks and Recreation Events

The Recreation division is responsible for sports and recreational activities which include martial arts, basketball leagues, tennis, Frisbee league, football, golf, track & field, softball, chess, billiards, swimming, women’s tackle football, and an all-season awards banquet. Also responsible for a number of special activities which includes The Wilmington Games, 5K Run/Walk Race, Senior Health Day, and summer park camp activities. Mayor Dennis P. Williams and Director Claude W. McCrea, Jr. invite you to attend the upcoming and updated Department of Parks and Recreation events.

Delaware Tourism: Outdoor Recreation

Discover Delaware's natural beauty and invigorating outdoor recreational activities. Visitors can walk along sandy beach trails, take in spectacular views on a hayride, or kayak through the First State's historic waterways.

Community Service Opportunities

Click above to find a list of organization where you many want to volunteer your skills and time. Contact the organization directly to schedule your volunteer opportunity. Additionally, many of our student clubs and organizations perform community service throughout the year!