Other Student Information

Classroom Assignments

Room assignments pertaining to scheduled courses and/or special events will be posted on the bulletin boards around campus and on the internet at http://www.wilmu.edu/registrar/courseoffering/


The computer lab for student use is available on the ground floor, room PEO030 of the Peoples Library Building during scheduled hours. Copy machines for student use are available in the library during regular library hours and the Alumni Center during the University's regular hours of operation at the New Castle Campus. Students at Dover (302-734-2594), Dover AFB (302-674-8726), Georgetown (302-856-5780), Rehoboth Beach (302-227-6295) and the Graduate Center (302-655-5400) should contact their site office regarding use of computer labs and copy machines.

University Information Center (UIC)

The University Information Center (UIC) assists the University community, including all current, past, and prospective students, with accurate information regarding programs and services using a knowledgeable, individualized approach.  Representatives are available to assist with most University-related questions encompassing all aspects of the University’s other student service departments.

The UIC can be contacted via phone at (302) 356-4636 or toll-free at (877) 967-5464; the hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:30am until 6:00pm.  Emails may also be sent to infocenter@wilmu.edu for assistance, and representatives are available to chat online via http://www.wilmu.edu/contact.aspx.

Evening Receptionist-New Castle and Wilson Graduate Center

Evening receptionists are on duty Monday through Friday 4:30-9:30pm in the Audrey K. Doberstein Admissions Center (DAC), the Peoples Library building, the Alumni Center, and the Wilson Graduate Center to accommodate students' special needs. Messages for instructors and students and/or mail to the other Divisions or Colleges of the University may be left in one of these workstations. If the evening receptionist cannot accommodate a student's need, the student will be directed to the appropriate office staff person available during regular business hours.

Identification Card

Students may receive photo identification cards and validation stickers at the University Information Center (UIC) office on the ground floor of the Admissions and Classroom Center at the New Castle campus or in the main office of the site of attendance. A card is necessary for library privileges, to receive student discounts, and to participate in student activities. Lending this card to anyone is in violation of University regulations. Loss of this card should be reported immediately to the Office of Student Affairs.


Each student is responsible for his/her own personal health insurance coverage.

Parking Violation

It is illegal to park in fire lanes. It is also illegal to park in spaces reserved for the handicapped without the appropriate tag. Violators are subject to being towed and/or ticketed.

Process for Filing a Concern or Complaint

A Student who seeks an appeal of a problem in a course or with a final grade should follow the process listed under Section III, "Academic Complaint or Appeal of a Final Course Grade." A Student with a concern or complaint of any other nature should speak with someone in the Office of Student Affairs.

School Closing

In the event of a major snow storm or other emergency, school closings will be announced on the University website, local television stations, and on local radio stations. Students may also call the Weather Hotline at (302) 356-6701. During inclement weather, students must use their own judgment as to whether they can make it to class without jeopardizing their own safety or the safety of others.


The Security Office at the New Castle Campus is located in the Alumni Center. Security officers are on duty at all times.

Dover, Georgetown, and Dover AFB and the Wilson Graduate Center sites each have separate security staffs and regulations. For more information, please refer to the Wilmington University Security Plan.


Wilmington University owned properties are designated as smoke free. Learn more about Operation Breathe Easy, the University's smoking policy.

Student Lounge

There are lounge areas in the Pratt Student Center, the Alumni Center, the Peoples Library, the Admissions and Classroom center, and at each site. The lounges house sofas, a television, VCR, and tables and chairs for doing homework.

Cellular Telephones and Pagers

The use of cellular telephones, pagers/beepers are prohibited in the classroom, library and labs. Prior to entering these areas all telephones and pagers should be turned off or set on vibration.

Policy on Children in the Classroom

Children are not allowed in the classroom and should not be left unattended while on campus.