TrustScripts is a FREE discount prescription card made possible through a partnership between Wilmington University and TrustScripts. There are over 56,000 pharmacies in the TrustScripts network which also includes some of the largest pharmacies such as CVS and Wal-mart. The pharmacies are contracted to deliver some of the highest discount rates in the industry. When you use your card at these locations you can receive discounts on your prescriptions anywhere from 10 to 85%.

Who Should Use The Card?

  • People without Prescription Coverage
  • Seniors in the Medicare Part D Coverage Gap
  • People taking prescription drugs not covered by their prescription drug program

How It Works

  • Click HERE to download your card and bring it to a participating pharmacy. There are 58, 000 participating pharmacies nationwide.
  • If you have access to the web, click on the Pharmacy Locator / Drug Pricing Tool which will list the participating pharmacies and price your drug
    1. Enter your medicine, dosage and your zip code.
    2. Choose a pharmacy from the list, prices may vary with each pharmacy, click on each pharmacy to find the best price
  • Present the TrustScript card along with your prescription to the pharmacist and you will receive 10%-85% off the cost of your medicine.
  • If you have any questions please call the TrustScripts customer service line at 877-827-7874

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I have my card, how do I use it?

Bring your card with you to the pharmacy the next time you need to fill a prescription. Once at the pharmacy, present your card to them upon checkout. Your pharmacy will input your information into the computer where your permanent records will be kept. Once the information has been stored at that pharmacy you will no longer need the card, because your Trust Scripts card information is stored in the computer. Each time you return to that pharmacy you will get the appropriate discount for the prescription you are filling at that time. If you use another pharmacy you will need to present your TrustScripts card again.

What if I change pharmacies?

Whenever you change pharmacies or go to a different pharmacy, your new pharmacy must input your information into the computer. Just bring your TrustScripts card to the pharmacy and they will input all of the information.

Does every member of my family need a card?

No, any family member or friend may use your card. If you would like additional cards for family or friends, you may visit the Human Resource, Student Affairs or Alumni departments. You can also visit and print out cards.

How much does this program cost me?

The Trust Scripts Card is totally free!

How is Wilmington University able to do this? Why is this card free?

The University has a relationship with TrustScripts. TrustScripts has contracted with a Pharmacy Benefits Management ( PBM ) Company  that has been able to negotiated lower rates with participating pharmacies. TrustScripts is able to tap into their network and offer the discounts along to the consumers.  TrustScripts get paid by the PBM when you use the card and they share their revenue with nonprofit organizations. Wilmington University receives a small revenue which is placed in the scholarship fund.

Which pharmacies can I go to?

Trust Scripts has over 56,000 participating major chains pharmacies and local pharmacies nationwide. Use the Pharmacy Locator on the TrustScripts website to find a pharmacy near you.

What kind of discount can I expect and how can I find out the approximate cost of my prescription?

Discounts vary and can range anywhere from 10%-85%, depending on the type of prescription, brand name, generic name, and the location of the specific pharmacy. If you go to and click on the drug pricing tool you can price your drug at local pharmacies. Remember to click on each pharmacy since prices can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy.